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Washi Tape Notebook & Pencil Crafts

I Love crafting! Not only is it fun making something, but it is relaxing and fun to have something you imagine come to life. So I have come up with tons of DIY Washi Tape Projects Starting with this Notebook & Pencil Crafts DIY Set. I picked this one because it is super easy and you can be as creative as you want!

Washi Tape is one of those crafting items that seems to confuse a lot of people. The main thing I hear is "What do you even do with Washi tape" Well that is simple, if it can stick, washi tape can cover it! New things always intimidate people, so that is why I am picking an easy DIY with these Notebooks and pens. You really can't mess this up! For the first one I choose to go with a Whimsical colorful design that goes with any teen or girly theme.

What you will Need:

  • Washi Tape

  • Mod Podge

  • Notebook (smooth Cover)

  • Pencil (Any style)

  • Cotton Twine

  • One Sheet of thick Decorative Paper

  • A Craft Paper Cutter

  • Charms

The Washi Tape I use in this one is full of colors and can be found here! The Notebook comes with a pen and can be found here. I bought a large pack of sparkle paper for the liner, you can find that here. The inspirational charms Here, the Mod Podge Here and the Paper Cutter here.

Once you have everything you need, the process is totally up to you. You can go horizontal, diagonal or vertical with your designs. On this one, I am using the green binding as my guide and doing a vertical design.

Pick out the first color and line it up as evenly as possible.

Keep Layering until you reach the end. Make sure to cut off where it will wrap nicely around the edges, to allow it to be covered by the glitter paper on the inside.

Once done, measure the inside and make a little cut to mark it. Bring it over to the cutter and cut a straight line with it.

Once it is cut, cover the back with mod podge, flip over and place over inside of book, to cover all of the tape you have layered inside.

Once the inside has dried and firm in place, mod podge the cover tape to keep it secured to the book.

Once that dries, take your Bakers Twine and start wrapping around the binder section to give it some depth. Wrap, pull tight, push down and keep going.

When you get to the last row, tie a knot, thread a charm and push to the knot. wrap the string to the inside and knot it off with a few of the other strings on the back.

For the Pencil, grab 2 or three coordinating tapes and start to wrap them around. Grab a small piece of bakers twine, wrap it around and thread on a charm. Then tie it off and fray out the edges.

Will look like this when done.

This is what Mine Looks line, when I was finally done.

I truly love how they turned out. I think I will put this one in my Next Giveaway!

For the 2nd Notebook, I used a more decorative washi tape and decided to get a tad more creative with the design. The Notebook is a glitter Cork, which I absolutely Love.

for all of the other things in this one, you will need a piece of liner for the inside cover. Same as the other journal and some charms, the rest of the items are the same.

Of course you can use any washi tape, just make sure you have at least 3-4 designs that mix well with each other.

I started with the largest piece in my set and wrapped that around the entire book, then I picked out two smaller pieces that would coordinate and placed one down the middle, outlining it with the other piece.

Next you will want to cut out a piece of your stock paper for the inner lining. coat the back side with mod podge and place it in the middle. If the corners fold up just add some more and press it down with another book on top until it sets. (will only take a few minute)

Last but not least, grab a few small pieces of washi for your pen, wrap them around and secure to the back of the pen. Now you have your set ready.

And here they both are, they are super cute and make an awesome gift idea.

I truly hope this is a project you have enjoyed and something that has inspired you to create your own. If so, PLEASE share with me, I love to see what my friends and family create. xoxo Haley

*This blog contain affiliate / Amazon / Etsy / LTK, Etc... associate links. That means, if you make a purchase I may get a small compensation. I only share products I truly love! Thank you for your support.


Billi Jean
Billi Jean

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