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Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Independence day, anything patriotic is how we should celebrate summer. A classic table setting in red, white and blue with a touch of decor is how we can pull this all together.

Here in Las Vegas, Holidays are over the top, so finding inspiration is never hard. Walk into the bellagio for The Floral room or the cactus gardens for year round blooms. Check out the decor on the strip or pop into any local store to find exactly the right decor for you. But the best part is how we celebrate. We love to cook out and entertain. So let me show you some of the best ways to show off your entertaining talent with some cool, affordable ways to take your entertaining to the next level.

1: Table Cloth and Runners

Table Runners are one of my favorite things, you can center your whole table setting around it by making it loud and fun, then mixing it with tons of solids for the dinnerware and decor. Or you can switch that up and make it a solid red, white or blue, then make the settings colorful and bright.

Either way, the table runner is the first thing you will lay down when setting your table up, so you want to measure as you want it to hang down, not just fit the top and you want it to really showcase what your trying to do.

The Best Places to find unique patriotic Table Runners are on Amazon, Etsy and TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Click on the links to see what I have showcased for you on their sites.

2: Patriotic Dinnerware

Dinnerware is my favorite thing in the world. I have so many sets that my Laundry room cabinets are filled with all of them. But Mix and Match sets are my favorite.

I love to layer too! Try Starting with a White Classic Charger Plate, then Add a Red Dinner Plate, a Blue Salad Plate and a White Napkin Ring.

Make sure if your going to go with this look that you keep the runner either a solid, stripe or two tone color. Do not get fancy with that or it will make the table look cluttered instead of classic. But, it is one of the best ways to really show off your patriotic style. I have a few examples of how to layer in the links above, but this is all about your imagination and style choices, so the possibilities are endless.

3: The Americana Centerpiece

The Centerpiece is the focal point of any table. Once you lay down the table runner, what you set on-top will be what people remember. Make sure you have a Large Piece for the center and little pieces to go around that.

Large Floral pieces are the most popular to start with. Then You can fill the center with things like patriotic figurines, handmade flags, an Old Vintage truck filled with floral picks and more. You can get creative with Colorful Rattan Balls or stars with a few scattered tealight candles o