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Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Independence day, anything patriotic is how we should celebrate summer. A classic table setting in red, white and blue with a touch of decor is how we can pull this all together.

Here in Las Vegas, Holidays are over the top, so finding inspiration is never hard. Walk into the bellagio for The Floral room or the cactus gardens for year round blooms. Check out the decor on the strip or pop into any local store to find exactly the right decor for you. But the best part is how we celebrate. We love to cook out and entertain. So let me show you some of the best ways to show off your entertaining talent with some cool, affordable ways to take your entertaining to the next level.

1: Table Cloth and Runners

Table Runners are one of my favorite things, you can center your whole table setting around it by making it loud and fun, then mixing it with tons of solids for the dinnerware and decor. Or you can switch that up and make it a solid red, white or blue, then make the settings colorful and bright.

Either way, the table runner is the first thing you will lay down when setting your table up, so you want to measure as you want it to hang down, not just fit the top and you want it to really showcase what your trying to do.

The Best Places to find unique patriotic Table Runners are on Amazon, Etsy and TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Click on the links to see what I have showcased for you on their sites.

2: Patriotic Dinnerware

Dinnerware is my favorite thing in the world. I have so many sets that my Laundry room cabinets are filled with all of them. But Mix and Match sets are my favorite.

I love to layer too! Try Starting with a White Classic Charger Plate, then Add a Red Dinner Plate, a Blue Salad Plate and a White Napkin Ring.

Make sure if your going to go with this look that you keep the runner either a solid, stripe or two tone color. Do not get fancy with that or it will make the table look cluttered instead of classic. But, it is one of the best ways to really show off your patriotic style. I have a few examples of how to layer in the links above, but this is all about your imagination and style choices, so the possibilities are endless.

3: The Americana Centerpiece

The Centerpiece is the focal point of any table. Once you lay down the table runner, what you set on-top will be what people remember. Make sure you have a Large Piece for the center and little pieces to go around that.

Large Floral pieces are the most popular to start with. Then You can fill the center with things like patriotic figurines, handmade flags, an Old Vintage truck filled with floral picks and more. You can get creative with Colorful Rattan Balls or stars with a few scattered tealight candles or Lanterns down the runner.

The designs are only limited by your creative imagination, so make something that shows off who you are as a patriot.

4: Patriotic Party Favors

Add a few baskets to your table with fun keepsakes they can use now or take home to use later. Either way, find something that will make the day fun, like firework sparklers with personalized craft tags or a basket filled with little red gumball machines with white or blue gumballs inside and a coordinating ribbon.

Party favors are a beautiful way to send your friends and family off with things to remember the day or for them to grab and use now. You want to keep them practical and fun without breaking the bank.

Candy is another great party favor, everyone loves candy and even if they don't, they know someone that does. You can get super creative with food favors too. Like tiny red white and blue star candy in a White Mesh baggy and a tiny coordinating ribbon or charm. Have fun with this one, it is one of my favorite things to do for gatherings.

5: Outdoor Tableware

Outdoor tableware can be tricky if you don't want your good ceramic to get damaged. You want things that will wash up easily or you can toss in the trash. Melamine is one of the best ways to have outdoor dinnerware without damaging good plates or cups. You can get super creative with a patriotic dinner plate or solid red drinking cups.

Even flatware comes in an eco-friendly reusable or toss and throw styles. Use a nice solid white to contrast with everything your displaying or get super creative with bamboo flatware that you can personalize with a unique stamp or ribbon on the handle of each piece.

6: To Placemat or Not to Placemat

Placemats are a fun way to dress up a table. They protect your table from spills and splatters as well as give depth and dimension to your table setting.

Now to decide between round and rectangle placemats is the challenge. Would you like something solid with a little bit of contrast as your plates are the real showpiece or do you want your placemats to be loud and full of flair, showcasing that instead of the dinnerware?

My personal favorite is a solid, But I want it to be a color that is in my dinnerware, yet not the main focus, a subtle color pop, if you will. So when deciding on what is right for you, make sure you set out all your dinnerware and look at the colors that are not the showcase of the pieces.

7: Napkins and Guest Towels

Depending on if you want your napkins on each setting or your having more of a buffet style cookout, your napkin choice is essential in your table setting.

Mix and match blue or red patterns in a rattan basket with coordinating colored flowers is one of my favorite ways to show off my linens.

Paper guest Towels are also a fun way to decorate. They come in so many styles, are super thick and can be tossed when done. You can have two sets on each end of the table in a nice Rattan Guest towel holder that you can reuse at any occasion. Linens can be fun and bring a table to life if you coordinate it right.

8: Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings can be tricky! If you are using solid colors for the napkins, you can set super creative with the napkin rings. But, if your focal points are on the plates and the patterns then you will want to go with something solid that will not distract from the designs on your tableware.

If you don't want this to be a once a year use, then you can go with a theme, like Beach Themed, Star Themed or Flag Themed Napkin Rings that way you can use them throughout the year or season.

You can even get more creative with Flatware holders that you can either DIY with Your napkins (tutuorial here) or you can purchase tons of styles just about anywhere from Amazon to Etsy.

9: Chair Decor

Patriotic Chair Covers are a beautiful way to add decor to your chairs. you can find them in solid Blues and Reds or in a patriotic theme as shown in the photo.

Adding a sash to a chair is a great alternative. You can make a large bow on the side or one right down the middle. Add a Wooden bead or a Flag charm and you have yourself a DIY Chair Décor that will make your party the hit of the neighborhood.

Adding Chair Covers to your Tablescape is one of the most adorable ways to decorate. You can be so creative with this one, and still pull off an awesome table setting.

10: Drinking Glasses

Your glasses can easily match your table decor. You can use clear and get super creative with the straws or a Glass Wrap that themed or a solid color with some cute words, either way, the drinkware is a statement piece for sure.

Colored Glasses are my favorite. I have tons of colors in my cabinet for all kinds of table settings. Red Can be used for 3 holidays as well. It goes well with Valentine's Day, Patriotic themes as well as Halloween, So when thinking about a color that will last for more then once a year, red is a great one, still keeping it with the theme of your table.

Blue is very versatile though, it is pretty much an everyday color, yet goes super well with your Memorial day or 4th of July decor. It is a great summer and fall color as well. Think about it, you wear blue jeans and any color top in the world. Same goes with Blue dinnerware or glassware. It is a color that can go with any other color and accent it well.

As for the Table Décor, this is my favorite part. Shopping online can be fun, but holding it in your hand and envisioning what you will do with it, is way way better. That is where my 3 favorite stores come in.

Here are some of my favorites that I have around my house.

There is so much more I could show you, but these are my favorites so far this year! I hope this inspires you to create and when you do, please share with me, I love to be inspired.

xoxo Haley

*This blog contain affiliate / Amazon / Etsy, Etc... associate links. That means, if you make a purchase I may get a small compensation. I only share products I truly love! Thank you for your support.


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