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About Haley Fox: Award-Winning Wedding Planner Turned Blogger

Welcome to the vibrant world of Haley Fox – where weddings transform into enchanting tales, homes brim with warmth, and every day is a celebration of life's simple pleasures. Let's take a stroll through Haley's captivating journey, where the magic of love meets the artistry of design.

Meet Haley: From New Orleans to the Glittering Lights of Las Vegas, NV

Haley Fox, originally hailing from the lively streets of New Orleans, LA, found her heart entwined with the neon lights and lively energy of Las Vegas, NV. It's a city where dreams are built on shimmering surfaces, much like Haley's own journey. A former bakery owner turned award-winning Interior Designer / Wedding planner, Haley weaves her magic not just in creating dream weddings but also in crafting a life filled with love, joy, and a touch of farmhouse nostalgia.

Mom of Two Boys: Juggling Motherhood with Glamour

In the midst of orchestrating designs and curating captivating blog content, Haley Fox is also a devoted mom of two boys. While she's no stranger to the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip, her heart remains firmly rooted in the values of a farm girl. A sentiment echoed by her bustling household that includes a four-legged companion named Quinnie, two feline friends, and an impressive flock of 23 chickens – a delightful nod to her rural roots.

Lover of All Things Home Decor, Holiday, and Food: Where Design Meets Delight

For Haley, the canvas of her life is adorned with hues of home decor, the sparkle of holiday festivities, and the aroma of delectable dishes. As an advocate of bringing joy to the everyday, she believes windows are portals to happiness. "Windows bring in the light; there should always be light," she quips, shedding light on her philosophy that every space should be a haven of positivity.

Green Thumb and Garden Enthusiast: Cultivating Happiness in a Greenhouse

Haley's passion for gardening and the outdoors is evident in her flourishing greenhouse, where she cultivates not just plants but a sense of tranquility. "Designing is so simple. That's why it's really complicated; everyone overthinks it," she muses, mirroring her approach to both gardening and life. The greenhouse isn't just a place for plants; it's a sanctuary for Haley to nurture her creativity and revel in the simple beauty of nature.

Outdoor Entertaining Aficionado: Where Every Gathering is a Celebration

When it comes to entertaining, Haley Fox is a maestro. Her love for outdoor gatherings is palpable, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. From intimate family dinners to extravagant soirées under the stars, Haley believes in the alchemy of connection and laughter. "Attitude and who we surround ourselves with bring happiness; happiness is success," she declares, imparting a mantra that resonates in both her personal and professional life.

A Whimsical Life: Balancing Design and Daily Delights

In Haley's world, whimsy and practicality dance hand in hand. Her blog is a treasure trove of inspiration, where she effortlessly combines her flair for design with a down-to-earth charm. From ingenious home decor hacks to mouthwatering recipes that elevate the everyday, Haley's online haven is a testament to her belief that happiness is found in the details.

Conclusion: Where Dreams Blossom and Love Blooms

As an award-winning wedding planner turned blogger, Haley Fox invites you into a world where love is celebrated, homes are adorned with grace, and every moment is an opportunity for joy. From the bustling streets of New Orleans to the glittering lights of Las Vegas, Haley's journey is a tapestry of dreams, sprinkled with the magic of a former bakery owner, the wisdom of a mom of two boys, and the heart of a farm girl.

So, whether you're seeking inspiration for your next celebration, a touch of whimsy for your home, or simply a moment of joy in the ordinary, Haley Fox is your guide to a life well-designed, where simplicity meets sophistication, and happiness is the ultimate success.

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Content Creation

A select list of the Amazing brands Haley's had the honor of working with.

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Creator . Stylist . Mentor

Haley has spent most of her career teaching professional styling photography and prop techniques through her popular social media channels. Traveling to London, Japan, Canada, Italy and more, collaborating with shop owners from around the world teaching her proven methods and techniques for styling shops and interiors.

Having built her successful business from the ground up, she offers private coaching and mentoring to help other entrepreneurs create the business of their dreams. She provides clarity and insight on their issues and helps guide them in developing a solid plan to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Haley helps by bringing her staging, styling and expertise to homeowners through her virtual styling consultations to help them curate a workplace or home that feels authentic and to give them confidence to style beautiful moments in every room of their house and life.

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Las Vegas Living

Haley at Home

Favorite things about where I Live - Sunny Skies, Fine Cuisine & Palm Trees!



Favorite Colors are Beige & Brown

Small Towns are My Favorite

My Chickens & Dog are My Family!

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hangin with haley-1 (1).jpg

Creative Hobby - Gardening

I Love to Read and Learn!

Decorating & Renovations are My Passion

Every time I travel I can Picture Myself Living there!

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