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Copper Kitchen Decor Ideas That Are Absolutely Beautiful

Copper is a fantastic color to use in your home or kitchen. It can be used to bring out the beauty in any decor. Most people tend to get confused about how to include copper decor accessories in their kitchen or home and I have a solution for you.

After tons of research, I was able to put together this list of copper kitchen decor ideas that are absolutely beautiful. I have a good feeling that they’ll inspire you to create the copper home and kitchen decor of your dreams.

1: The Copper Sink

This is a fantastic way to add copper to your kitchen. The kitchen sink in this kitchen is 100% made of copper. Even the tap is made of copper. This is not something you see every day. A coffee machine is placed on the countertop next to the sink with copper color.

This one is Hand Hammered with a unique one of kind design, but you can find them in all shades from an antique vintage appeal to a modern day farmhouse appeal.

No matter what you choose, these copper sinks are timeless and a great edition to any kitchen.

2: Copper Utensils

Design a farmhouse kitchen using copper utensils. One of the easiest ways to add copper to your kitchen is to use copper utensils. You can get so creative with these. Add them between pots on a pot rack, hang them on the wall or even a copper holder on the counter to add that extra pop of color.

Copper utensils are made to last and super easy to clean and take care of, they are one of the best ways to introduce copper to your kitchen decor, without being overdone.

Checkout more ways to use them below.

3: Copper Pots and Pans

Copper cookware is not only a professional chef's choice, but cookware that is made to last. It has even heat distribution, making your dishes cook evenly and taste better.

Plus, you don't have to use cabinet space to store them. Simply hang them out on display, hiding them in plain sight is the best way to store these beautiful cooking accessories.

My favorite is mix and match. Find single piece that give your display depth, try some that have extra decor, some hammer and some plain to give it a beautiful contrast effect.

4: Kitchen Stove

The copper used in this kitchen is on a moderate level. On the floating shelves, there are a couple of copper pots and pans. However, the most beautiful piece in this kitchen would have to be the copper stove.

Using a copper stove will not only make your kitchen the focal point of the house, it will lend a beautiful custom charm to your kitchen. Come on, think, how many people do you know that actually have a copper stove? I have only met one person so far and their kitchen was to die for!

So Make yours just as charming with a copper stove as a beautiful add on.

5: Copper Kitchenware

Decorating with Copper and Solids is another brilliant way to showcase your kitchen. Since Copper (even vintage pieces) have a shine to them, it can take a chalkboard wall and turn it into art.

Having a Wall full of shelving dedicated soley to your copperware would look amazing. You can add anything from serving trays, bunt pans, Cookware and more, layering makes it even nicer. Shows off your love of cooking, if not eating. LOL

This is one of my favorites as it is so versitile, it can be modern, farmhouse, rustic and even art deco, it goes with anything. Classic yet timeless way to showcase your copperware.

6: Copper Pot Racks

Hanging Pot racks are one of my all time favorites. I Personally have a wall mounted Black Wrought Iron with hanging pots, but I love the copper on copper appeal as well.

Add some Dried Herbs to your rack and you have a beautiful wall display of pots and pans that you don't even need to store in a cabinet.

There is nothing better then open storage that looks like decorations, it frees up so much space for other bulkier things that you cannot hide so easily. Getting one with a shelf on top, like the photo is even better. Those can set larger stock pots with ease.

7: Glass & Copper Canisters

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with glass. Being able to see the Noodles, cookies, crackers, sugar or whatever adds color and contrast to your counters.

Using copper accented canisters is even better. It is very versatile. Goes with a modern look, or a rustic farmhouse without blinking.

You can use them on your coffee bar, add beans to one, ground to another and sugar in the last, or use them to organize all your pasta. It doesn't matter how you create your look, either way it is classy!

8: Copper Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important choices for any room, especially your kitchen. Choosing a copper chandelier or pendant light can make your kitchen come to life.

You can do anything from a full blown Island setup to a single light over a dining room table. No matter what you choose, cooper makes everything pop, with it's rustic yet classic charm.

Keep in Mind that some are mass produced and some are handmade, if your going to all the trouble to add this kind of lighting, make it one that will have everyone notice as they come into the kitchen. Etsy has some beautiful pieces to choose from for handmade unique lighting. If you dig deep, Amazon has some beautiful limited edition pieces, like the one showcased above. A Rustic Hammer copper pendant light that is as unique as it is gorgeous.

9: Copper Cabinets

Cabinets made of Copper? What? Yes there is such thing! They are not cheap, but they are absolutely stunning. Finding these are going to be in specialty stores only. They are unique and a hard find, but something worth looking into as it is something that can go with any style decor and is as timeless as it is classy.

Check Antique shops, I have found a few in there, but the very best place to shop for Copper Cabinets is by doing a daily or weekly google search, I found a stunning Copper Kitchen island from Direct from Mexico Website as well as hand made copper cabinets from several craftsman, it is worth checking out.

10: Simple Copper Kitchen Decor

Simple decor can be anything from canisters, to containers to a copper rooster on the wall. Subtle displays of copper around the kitchen is a brilliant way to introduce it without overstating the gold tones that you may want to avoid.

My Favorite Simple edition is Copper Hardware. For Under $100 you can completely change the look of your kitchen by switching out the door and drawer pulls with unique copper pieces. One of my favorites is an Amazon Find, for this type of stuff it is a rare find to. Check it out!

But of course, one of a kind or unique pieces are going to be either Restoration Hardware or (believe it or not) Hobby Lobby! They actually have some really nice hardware, you need to check it out next time your there. But if your like me and would rather check online, then Etsy is hands down where to find unique pieces to really showcase the cabinets.

11: Copper Planters

Everyone that follows me knows that plants are one of my absolute favorite ways to decorate. I have ZERO green thumb, but do try my best to keep my little babies alive, failing mostly (cries)

But Planters are a way to really get creative. You can have indoor and outdoor planters that bring your home and garden to the decor level you desire. You can get super creative and mix and match or find pieces that compliment each other and group them together.

I even saw a unique pathway with tiny planters on both sides and solar lights between ever 3rd or 4th light and too this day I am dying to recreate that one. You can find tons of copper accented potters. Try Wooden Copper Planters too, they are very nice for a rustic or farmhouse look. Try either a vintage copper or a all shinny copper if you really want to showcase the plant or flower. Either way, copper planters are a great way to add nature to your surroundings.

12: Copper Backsplash

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is an easy way to introduce copper. There are so many patterns and designs to choose from too. The best part is all you need is a X-Acto knife and a few packs of peel and stick and your all set for a Copper backsplash DIY project.

I Love the pattern shown in the photo, not only is it copper, but a beautiful floral pattern that would go with any decor.

But my all time favorite is the vintage mix and match tile decor. combining different shades and designs of copper to bring your wall to life is one of the best ways to decorate your kitchen with copper.

13: Over the Stove Copper Art

If you don't have the time or patience for a DIY project, this is the perfect alternative. You can even add a stunning one of a kind Copper pieces around the copper backsplash to give it some depth and break up the backsplash patterns.

My favorite place to find these amazing pieces is Etsy. There are so many of these beauties it is hard to pick your favorite. Of course mine is the one in the photo.

They have Designs like The Tree of Life, Rustic Forest Scenery, a Beautiful French Country Framed Rose, Classic Horse Ranch Style, Spring Birds and More, the choices are endless.

14: Copper Serving Pieces

Copper Serving pieces are the best. You can use them and display them when done. They add color to shelving, but a timeless piece for entertaining.

This copper Pitcher is one of my favorites, I use it all the time for entertaining. It has the freshest tasting water you will ever drink.

But Serving Trays or platters are another great way to showcase your meals as well as serve your guests in style.

Serving Pieces are so easy to decorate with too, they fill in gaps on shelves, set nicely on top of cabinets or look amazing right in plain sight on a countertop.

15: Copper Dinnerware

Most people do not eat on copper plates, but accenting with copper is another story. Like this beautiful Charger. Not only can you set any color or design of plates on-top of it, it gives it a touch of class and old world charm to your table setting.

Charger Plates come in all kinds of designs from an old world rustic look to Italian charm to a Classic Handmade Hammered Piece. These pieces are made to use every day, they let your family know how much you enjoy spending time with them by setting such a beautiful table.

They even show off the food by giving it a way to display it in an artistic way. Copper Charger plates are the perfect edition to any table setting.

16: Copper Hood Range

Oven Vent Hoods are my absolute favorite. You can set your kitchen apart by picking a hood range that really showcases your style.

Copper Hood Ranges are a very unique style an can be done in a way that looks like you had them custom built just for your kitchen.

You can find these beauties just about anywhere online too. I found an Italian design on amazon that I fell in love with. Has Tiny Grape Vine Accents and a unique handmade look. Then I found a classic Rivot Style that would really look great in a rustic farmhouse setting. The most shocking thing is that everything I was looking for was on Amazon! I couldn't find anything really nice on Etsy, Shocker right? But amazon has pages and pages of these beautiful piece. Wayfair had a few, but I feel like their prices are inflated, so stick with Amazon for this one.

As we know, I can go on and on with my ideas, but I never want to loose your interest so I showcase my favorites in all of my articles. And in this one it is the custom made back splashes that go over the stove, if nothing else in this article appeals to you, I know that one will.

If you have any suggestions not shown here, please comment below, so I can check them out and include them if possible. xoxo Haley

*This blog contain affiliate / Amazon / Etsy, Etc... associate links. That means, if you make a purchase I may get a small compensation. I only share products I truly love! Thank you for your support.


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