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Valentine's Day Tiered Tray Centerpiece

Valentine's day is one of my favorites, who doesn't love, Love? If you’re looking to bring a little Valentine’s Day charm into your home, but want your decor to maintain a unique, farmhouse feel, get ready to be inspired.

Tiered trays are my favorite centerpieces, they are an easy way to work seasonal holiday decor into your home without a huge investment of time. They’re also a fun way to express your style and creativity! Most of my items on my trays are from either Amazon or Home Goods as they are my two favorite places to shop.

Being an interior designer, means I need to fresh it up for every season, even when I am tired and just finished with one holiday, I have to hop right into the next. It can be fun but exhausting at the same time. But my favorite is always the tired tray. This one is Mine:

Everything on My Tray Can be found here: White Tiered Farmhouse Tray, Wooden Books, Wooden Beads, Gnome in Love, Rae Dunn # Love Mug, Rae Dunn Ever After Mug, Preserved Pink Roses and Flowers, Hot Chocolate Spoon Bombs, Valentine's Day Heart Lollipops, Wooden Tiered Tray Decor Set, Ceramic Heart Dessert Plate, Mini Rolling Pins - That should cover all of it!


Use my design inspiration board at the bottom to put together a Valentine’s day tiered tray with a farmhouse appeal. Don’t forget to pin for future reference too!

But don’t let your creativity end there! I add new Design Inspiration Boards each holiday, every year to help you recreate a look within your home, but hopefully they’re just a starting point for your own great decor ideas.

Looking for more Inspiration? Check out some of these beautiful trays below!

And you’ll find even more great ideas over on my Valentine's Day Board!