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How to Decorate with Faux Plants

We had a fun birthday Weekend for my Son Noah this Weekend! Family gatherings are my favorite, I love to entertain, even when it is a small family gathering that is simple. Having a basket around with tons of seasonal colors can make the simplest table pop. Today I will show you how Decorating with Faux Flowers and Plants can turn a simple room or table into a masterpiece.

Faux Plants are a lot more realistic then you think, If you do it right and add color, not even the real thing can look better, they are very lifelike.

I keep a bunch of faux Succulents, Plants, flowers and foliage on hand for Decorating between seasons and occasions just like this! They are also super fun for decorating. Faux stems don’t take up too much room to store and the best part is you you only have to buy them once and pull them back out when you want to change things up or decorate for the season. You can invite friends and family over at the last minute, and yet still make the atmosphere so sweet, relaxing and festive.

There are some really beautiful faux plants and flowers available online right now! I don't know how, but they just keep making them more realistic and more beautiful! Real flowers, of course are my favorite, but, they are expensive and the cost can add up over time and the worst part is they die. Sometimes faux flowers can seem super expensive when purchasing them. Especially if they are lifelike. But, in the end, they are worth it!

I can’t wait to order more, I have a list so long that it will take a while to collect them all. You can see some of the most Beautiful faux Flowers and Blooms below!

Decorating with Faux Plants doesn't have to be tricky. You just have to make sure what you are getting is lifelike and looks real instead of plastic. You can do many things to make them look real too. Looking at the Photo above, it is very hard to tell these are fake plants. That is because the setting is not focused on those. It is focused on the <