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Small Laundry Room Makeovers

The Laundry Room is one of the most essential rooms in the house, next to the Kitchen of course. But the Laundry Room can be much more if you use your space wisely. You can use the space to store seasonal items, hide cluttery laundry like sock and detergent. You can also Hang and iron clothes as they come right out of the dryer. So Having great organizational skills is a must.

If Organization is something you desire, but lack the knowledge or knowhow, then this is for you! Inspiration is sometimes all we actually need. Me, I farm Pinterest several times a day, then I take this from one look, that from another until I have the perfect design I am looking for.

1: Cabinets

If your Laundry Room is as Small as mine, utilizing the pace you have can be super challenging. Wanting to be creative and stylish, but still using the space you have can seem impossible.

The Questions then are, what are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to use the room for more storage or do you just want it to be a nice tidy place to do all of your laundry?

Either way, your shelving and cabinets will be your first decisions. If working with a side by side washer and dryer you will want to measure the space above it that will give you tons of room to add cabinets, yet also give you shelf space and possible hanging space, if you have the room.

Leaving space for a shelf gives you room to decorate as well as be creative with your essentials using Jars or dispensers instead of ugly bottles laying about.

2: Baskets and Bins

Baskets and Bins in your laundry room can be both functional and decorative at the same time. I LOVE Baskets, baskets are natural, rustic, farmhouse, modern and stylish while hiding all your clutter right in plain sight.

I have baskets in every single room in my House. I have them in my living room actually hiding bulk candy I use for my give-a-ways, in my kitchen hiding all of my baking supplies and in the laundry room hiding all of my seasonal decor.

But My All time favorites are my laundry room and bathroom baskets. I have three of these in my laundry room and they are my absolute favorites. They are not only classy, but super room and allow me to put colors in two and whites in the middle sized one. In my bathroom, I have one that matches in the largest version and it keeps our clothes out of sight by just placing the lid on top.

3: Shelving

Shelving is another alternative to cabinets. But if your going rely solely on shelving then you have to know how to organize with bins and baskets or you will just have shelves full of clutter.

Shelving is a beautiful Option though if you do it right. Personally, I love the Chunky Floating Shelves. But you can do anything from bracket Shelving to sectional pieces filled in with decor.

There are tons of options when it comes to shelving. You can even add in a Rod either in the front of one (to camouflage) it or right underneath the bottom one to give it more depth. You can even get super creative and hang one from the ceiling that you can decorate between uses.