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How to Decorate for Summer with Lemons

Spring and summer are a great time for adding Yellow to the decor and there is nothing more yellow then lemons. As a former wedding planner, I can tell you that I have come up with crazy centerpieces, favors and cake using lemons, even a cool way to make deserts for the kids with lemon skins.

Lemon Centerpiece Idea

Turning Lemons into a centerpiece is my all time favorite. I love the bright yellow with pops of white, really bring Spring and summer to the table. This is super easy to make too.


One long or three planter foams cut to fit the top

Lifelike White Daisies

arrange everything until you have the look you want and your all set. Remember, if using real, they will only last but 7-10 days as longs as kept in a cool environment.

I have put together some of my favorite projects to help inspire you with your summer decorating passions.

Lemon Wreath

1: DIY Lemon Wreath

Handmade wreaths are my favorite, as there will never be another like it. It is unique, special and made by you. Lemon themed wreaths are my favorite for the summer, besides watermelon and cherries of course. But, lemons have the yellow sun stamped all over them, they just designate summer and make you want to sip lemonade and soak in the sunshine.

I have put together a list of all the things that would be beautiful on a summer lemon wreath. Just remember, you can be as simplistic or as full of life as you want to be, the vision is all yours.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Lemon Outdoor Dining Table

2: Lemony Outdoor Tablescape

Being outdoors is part of what makes the summer so amazing. Entertaining or just enjoying time with the family outdoors is what memories are made of. So when you really want to show off your love of summer, do it with a vibrant yet welcoming table setting. Use Lemons and Yellows, but then add in your favorite color to make the whole thing pull together and become a Tablescape masterpiece.

You can swap out the greens for blues, purples or even red, which is one of my favorite color combinations besides purple of course.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Lemon Wedding Centerpiece

3: Lemony Centerpieces that Double as Table Numbers

Whether you are planning a wedding, hosting a charity event or even pulling together an anniversary party, finding inspiration to make everything your own can be challenging.

As a former Wedding and event planner, the first step in getting everything right is the theme. If you really want to pull in the seasonal elements, lemons are the way to go. This fun centerpieces, showcases the bright yellows of the lemons, with an amazing fragrance throughout the wedding as well as a unique way to find your table. I have even used floral number picks to really make it stand out.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Rustic Lemon Home Decor

4: Subtle Lemon Decor

Decorating around the house is as simple as some real or realistic lemons and greenery. I have my entire entryway table covered in dark stained crates that are filled with lifelike foliage and lemons. It shows off the rustic farmhouse nature as well as brings the summertime indoors.

You can use some jute rope string and hang them as a garland or something as simple as shallow handled crates and boxes to layer and stack, giving it that dimensional design.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Lemon Place Holder

5: Adorable DIY Lemon Place Holder

Hosting a Family Reunion can be so much fun, I can have each table match, or have them tastefully coordinated, yet separate to give it a unique classy homemade style.

You can use real lemons, just make sure to wash and pat dry to keep that beautiful lemon color. If you want it to give off a wonderful citrus fragrance, then roll them on the table between your palm and the table before adding the greenery and tag. If you choose to go with fake lemons, make sure to grab realistic ones, they are worth the few extra dollars.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Lemon Dinnerware and Serving Pieces

6: Lemon Themed Dinnerware

I love the beautiful lemon serving platter as well as the long rectangular try, but the best are the dessert plates where I can picture the sweetest lemon meringue pie slice right on top of it.

Decorating with dinnerware is so fun and the complete opposite of decorating a table with lemons. Since the lemons are all over the plates, you want to concentrate more on the greenery for the rest of the table. I would only do splashes of yellow with a table runner and a sprig of colors in the vases.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Lemon Bedroom Decor

7: Lemony Summer Bedroom Decor

The lemon sheets with green foliage sheets and a plaid throw really pull this entire thing together.

Bringing the summer and spring into the bedroom is the absolute best. Well, of course next to the entryway. But having fresh linens, summer colors, lemons and florals is what summer is all about. The fresh smell of detergent and freshly made beds fills the air.

I don't know about you, but my bedroom is my number one place to relax and create.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Summer Lemon Entryway

8: Summer Lemony Entryway

The entryway to me, is the most important area to decorate, besides the porch, if you have one. This is where you should have a nice stylish console table that you can change up with your theme of the month.

I have quite a few colored pieces all around the house, my best ones (I think) are in my garden shed, they are so fun to use when potting and trying to grow plants.

Finding colored pieces can be a challenge, if you don't know where to look. The best places I have found are antique malls and Facebook as there are a lot of people that refurbish beautiful piece and you can commission them to do the same for you.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Farmhouse Lemon Dining Room

9: Cozy Lemon Themed Dining Room

I love how these subtle touches of lemon around the dining room, really bring in the sunshine and yellows.

Even though there is a small lemon wreath and a mini lemon tree with lemons all about. My favorite part is the Lucious Lemon garland down the middle of the table. Not to mention the blue striped napkins with a lemon place holder, to really tie this farmhouse vibe all together.

The White bench with the hard wood table and the striped handmade pillow make this a real charmer and the true family gathering place of the house.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Lemon Wall Art

10: The Art of Lemons

Lemon in art work can be not only beautiful but bright and inviting. You can find some original pieces by visiting a local antique store or spend your day combing through google to find the perfect fit for your room.

The Best places for Lemon art works is the Kitchen, Entryway, bathroom or Hallway. The Bedroom shouldn't display food unless food is the whole theme of that room.

Beautiful painted tiles or a hand painted lemon tree would be a bright welcome to any kitchen. Pick something that truly accents your style.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

I honestly could go on and on with all the unique ways you can decorate with lemons. You can explode with them all over or just have subtle hints of them all around your house. I hope you are inspired and get to decorating. Show off your designs too.

Haley Fox


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