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22 Beautiful Eye Catching Chicken Coop Ideas

As a Chicken Mama, I love making the Chickens feel loved, have room to roam and are included in our Holiday and seasonal decor. But finding all these elements can be both pricey as well as hard to do. If you have the space, like most that have chickens do, then none of these Beautiful Eye Catching Chicken Coop Ideas will be a challenge. But for those who are Backyard Chicken Mama's there is limited space, but you want a million chickens, so you need to get way more creative.

This absolutely stunning Chicken Coop design can be used for so many thing! You can make it super roomy beds for all the chickens or you can use that for storage and split the room up into two, the possibilities are endless. This design is easy to build, inexpensive to get the designs for and not to expensive to build. As reasonable as a very nice chicken coop, except better!!!

Get Design Here - Chicken Coop Building Plans

2: Dreamy Greenhouse Chicken Coop

About 25 years ago, B.C. designer Lisa Moody had a little garden. But like many passion projects, it got set aside while she and her husband raised their children and she grew her business. Now that those kids are 20, 18 and 15, she thought it was time to dust off her trowel and nurture this hobby again. “Gardening is so peaceful, and it’s something I can control in a crazy time,” says Lisa, who bought a house with her husband on an acre of land a decade ago in North Surrey, B.C., about an hour’s drive from Vancouver.

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3: Hammett Farms Chicken Coop

In case you missed it, a couple months ago I wrote an initial post on everything I had learned about raising chickens for the first time. One of the things I addressed is how unsatisfied I was with the small coop we bought from Amazon. I decided it was time to invest and get a carpenter to build us a better coop before it got cold outside.

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4: The Roosting Place

The Chicken Coop (or Chicken Condo) is finally finished! As soon as we saw this property, I saw this empty space and immediately saw the vision for a beautiful garden area with a giant chicken coop and pretty laying hens, so when we got around to starting on this baby, I was so excited. Because we started in January, daylight savings + short sunlight hours, and my sweet hubby’s work schedule, we really only worked on this coop during the weekends up until about March, so it took us about 5 months to completely finish. Keep in mind we did everything with our own hands, but hired out some help for the concrete slab, and the metal installation of roof, so it was totally expected to take up some time.

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5: Dream Garden! It Even Has a Chicken Coop

Usually, when people decide to reclaim an overgrown and neglected backyard, they hand off the job completely to someone else. Not this family. Carolyn and Hector Llorens and their son, John, each designed major parts of it, involving themselves in every detail. The result is a series of garden rooms that can be fun, relaxing, peaceful, or exhilarating. Each outdoor area links to a room in the house, bringing the outside in.

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6: DIY Chicken Coop Condo

If you are an avid DIY’er then you know that projects always take longer than you estimate. With that being said there is defiantly something special about taking a space like our side yard and creating something beautiful with your own two hands. I have been dreaming of this chicken coop since the day we bought our house. I am very grateful to have a husband who was willing to build this for our three little ladies…Pearl, Opal, & Ruby.

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7: The Fluffy Butt Hut

The Fluffy Butt Hut got some TLC today inside and out... just need some edging and grass for it to be complete. Chick chicks also have designated areas for their dirt baths... with some organic Diatomaceous in the dirt to keep the mites away! Let’s cross our fingers that they don’t use the mulch to bathe! What an accomplished day! .

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8: DIY Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop by Liz Marie

You guys probably remember my friend Holly of Hollyhocks & Hydrangeas from last year where I shared her amazing DIY greenhouse. Holly is a friend of mine & also an amazing artist. I think a lot of you actually have her work in your home & that makes my heart so happy to see! Whatever Holly touches truly turns to gold & I’m always excited to see what she is up to next. Well, recently she built a chicken coop that was dubbed “The Chicken mansion” & I knew you guys would love it as much as I did so I had to share it with you today…

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9: European Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

This coop is by far the most beautiful feature and loved spot on our property. I still pinch myself that it's where my children and I get to enjoy our chickens! The coop is 16x8 ft and will comfortably house 40-50 chickens! It's easy to clean, easy to collect eggs, and completely 100% predator proof!

Get Plans - HERE

10: Modern Farmhouse Chicken Coop

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Luisa from Peaches to Pearls to design and build this farmhouse chic chicken coop for her backyard and absolutely love how it turned out!

Get Plans - HERE

11: The Garden Coop

The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark chicken coop plans give you the foundation — and the freedom — to build the perfect pair of chicken coops for your backyard flock.

Get Plans - HERE

12: Classic Farmhouse Coop

The dimensions are 8′ x 8′ 7″ for the main coop and the run is an additional 6’x16′ for a grand total of 8′ 7″ x 24′.

The Estimated cost to build this coop is $1200-1300.

Get Plans - HERE

13: Western Saloon Coop

Build a great coop plex for your chickens with a ready plan. Plans and material take-off list only for the coop or coops pictured, you must buy all materials and build the coop or coops yourself. The plan is 20+ pages long, includes a material take-off list, and is very detailed.

Get Plans - HERE

14: The Hillside Motel Coop

Modelled after our #1 selling greenhouse, "The Petunia", this little coop comes with all of the charm. Designed with a small footprint in mind, this chicken coop is the PERFECT addition to any backyard chicken operation.

Get Plans - HERE

15: Colonial Farmhouse Coop

This is one of those rare finds I am passing along to you. This website has tons of amazing coop designs to choose from and most have been actually built so you can see the layout.

See Website - HERE

16: Vintage Garden Coop

Thanks to a saved stash of architectural salvage, what started as a simple chicken coop quickly grew into a “fit for an antiques dealer” home for Amy Whyte’s flock.

See Post - HERE

17: The Cape Cod Coop

This Cape Cod-inspired structure belonging to photo stylist Heather Bullard (@heatherbullard) is prettier than most human dwellings! You can build Heather's "Chez Poulet" for your own chickens using stock building materials and hardware from the home improvement store.

18: Chic Black Chicken Coop

A dark stain elevates the wood planks of Karen Bertelsen's stylish chicken coop, while elongated door handles and house-worthy sconces deliver even more high style.

But she also made sure the function matched the style with lots of components such as an exterior nesting box (which the chickens have access to from inside the coop) and tucked away storage components.

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19: Well-Appointed Chicken Coop

A standing seam metal roof and board-and-batten shutters (not to mention the shiplap walls inside!) bring tons of farmhouse detailing to Caroline Scott’s enviable chicken coop.

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20: Rustic Chicken Coop

Kristi Reed picked a rustic cabin-style chicken coop to make her chickens feel at home on her Montana ranch. Natural wood siding, iron strap hardware, and a corrugated metal roof add rustic detailing that blends with the wide-open landscape.

She is one of my all time favorite on Instagram

See Post - HERE

21: Dream Garden Greenhouse Coop

Brooke and Steve Giannetti, designers and authors of Patina Farm, built a henhouse worth clucking about. When choosing materials for your chicken coop, Brooke recommends cedar wood as a great option because of its all-weather durability.

See Post - HERE

22: Gated Chicken Run

I live in Las Vegas, so this keeps the cats and other birds from attacking my chickens, plus it fits our large henhouse right inside. It even comes in tons of sizes. I have the large one and it holds a good size henhouse, swing, climbers and more, with no issues.

See it - HERE

23: My Baby chicks

Every 6 months I stock up on my favorite new baby chicks. I get all of mine from the same place and they are guaranteed to arrive safely, you can even filter for egg quantity, cold and heat resilient and more.

See Them - HERE

I Hope this has inspired you to create the perfect Chicken space for your farm, home or backyard, I know I have a few that I am going to create for my feathered family members. Show off yours in the comments below, I would love to see them. xoxo Haley


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