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Ideas for Creating Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s officially Spring is here and the warm weather is in full swing. With the gorgeous weather we are spending more and more time at home. This year deciding to do renovations for our outdoor living space for our staycation and it has me rethinking everything. I have so many plans and awesome boards I have built to inspire me and thought it would be nice to share some ideas that will help make your outdoor space feel more just as cozy, luxurious and relaxing, with a few styling tips along the way! So I am going to share with you tons of Ideas for Creating Cozy Outdoor living spaces.

Let's take a moment to really take in the serenity of this Mt. Charleston Mountain Getaway. The Custom made table is a one of a kind, made from thick chain links from the Metal craft shop here in Las Vegas. Then having a nook for all their firewood and tons of outdoor planting, make you really want to open up your house and live in nature.

The Tiered Wooden Plant stand is an elegant touch no matter where you put it. I have several around my yard as they are great for flowers as well as herbs.

You can even find one that is unfinished and stain it the exact color you want. Better yet, if your handy, you can make one. There are some great plans you can find on Pinterest or You can get one HERE

Accenting a Corner with large Planters is the perfect way to bring in greenery. Find ones that are large enough to hold trees and you can do a simple palm, or even mini dwarf fruit trees, like I have in mine.

Containers matter though, try to find either a set of 2, but better is a set of 3, like this one on the left. Find a color and pattern that match the decor setting, but will bring a pop of contrast and color that flows with your design.

Adding in Simple yet stylish Centerpieces are a must have for your outdoor dining table. Go with your style, but I love neutrals, or something with a rim of color added in to give it that pop.

Neutrals however, especially handmade stone or ceramics are my favorite as they blend in well with nature. They work well for places with high greenery and lots of florals.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, make sure that you find not only your style, but something that is made to last in nature. I love wooden furniture as if it is made well, there is nothing it won't withstand. Metal tables tend to rust and tarnish with time, where wood actually ages gracefully. This set is one of my favorites, the chevron pattern leaves a classic yet timeless look to your backyard entertaining.

Cozy and Neutral are my favorites. Using nice quality wicker furniture with tons of throw pillows, even ones you can sit on, invites everyone to spend time outside. We did this one with the couple in mind, since they love the trees and outdoors and wanted to bring that to their living spaces. Just add a nice hardtop Gazebo or pagoda to your patio to give yourself the space and room to decorate under, then make sure to lay down a nice outdoor flooring and some sheer curtains to tie it all into the home.

My outdoor living room set is not only cozy and comfortable, it is a place that we would rather spend all of our time. We even have a projector set up in the backyard so we can watch movies and have a family night under the stars.

Finding the right piece for you, is all about your style, comfort and the statement your trying to make. Find something that speaks to you, it is always about that gut feeling when it comes to furniture.

Super Oversized Pouf Ottomans are my favorite for gathering areas. Not only are they plush and welcoming, they are comfortable to sit on as well as a great decor table. They are sturdy, solid and you can use one as a coffee table, with a nice wooden tray serving up your favorite summer drinks.

These are also super easy to make and stuff yourself, you just have to be handy with a sewing machine, or know someone who is, hehe.

Protect your outdoor living space with a Hardtop gazebo made to not only endure harsh weathers, but a true extension of your home.

Hardtops come in all kinds of shapes, but just remember, you need to measure the space you need to fill, then start shopping from there. You can always find tons of these on my blog as I love them so much.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in your design. You can string up paper lanterns, lay out fairy lights or get super creative with pendant lighting and solar conversion kits. Of course, you know me, I never want to be normal, therefore pendant lights it is. I would hang one in the center or two across from each other depending on how big your space is. Pendant lights can be fun as they come in so many style that you can find yours for sure.

Maybe your more like me and your happy place is your Greenhouse or garden shed. My favorite space is my garden shed. Not only do I get to prep all my babies for my greenhouse. I love getting dirty for a beautiful reason. Growing flowers, fruits and vegetables is so rewarding. I love watching them sprout from a seed all the way to a stalk of corn or a cantaloupe. I just planted three dwarf fruit trees, so I am excited to see how those turn out. When setting up a She-shed, greenhouse or garden shed, there are so many ideas that come to mind, but essentials are the most important like the right prepping area, water and soil of course. The Pots you display do not have to be the pots they are grown in, but remember, your style goes into everything you do.

Doesn't matter if you work inside or outside, Your work space is what you build around. When I first started, I only had a table and a layered planter that I set all my plants on, you build and grow from there. But, if I had to start all over, I would start with the work space and build around that. This is one of my favorites that I recently added to a clients home. It is roomy, sturdy and a ton of room to start seeds, lay out plants and hold all your tools and essentials.

For inside my greenhouse I have many raised tables and planters, but my double raised planters are my favorite. They give me a large space at the top to plant a bunch of veggies or fruit and an area on the bottom for pots or another long planter. You can find them in tons of colors, shapes or sizes. Just remember the deeper ones are the best, as your plants need room to root and grow.

Weather your a greenhouse or a Garden shed type of person, or maybe your like me and want or have both. Finding the ideal one can be a challenge. If you are on a limited budget, start with something roomy, yet easy to build in a kit, that way you can make it your own. If you do have the money though, look for a custom shed design and hire a carpenter to build it. That way you get exactly what you are wanting out of your greenhouse.

If your reading this, then you are a lot like me and live to be outdoors. If you are wanting anything specific for inspiration, please let me know, I am always looking for ideas to share with you guys.

xoxo Haley


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