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Fridge Organization Hacks - That will Save you Thousands!

When it comes to wasted food, our Refrigerator is the top thing we end up throwing away from. We either have to much or don't know what we have at all. Today I will show you hacks that have saved me hundreds of wasted food a month, and you can see everything you have, so no more buying things you don't need.

Bins are the most popular way to organize. Acrylic bins can be easily cleaned and come in so many sizes and shapes, they even have bins for eggs.

But you won't believe how creative they are now with Cold Storage containers.

Just check out these amazing under drawer bins that give you that extra space you need for smaller refrigerators.

They even have full sets for those that are just getting started, they come in many sizes and shapes and you will use all of them, trust me. I have them in both of my fridges.

My Favorite of all the bins are the soda bins. Instead of the old wire ones, these are solid and clear and you can tell what is left in each one easily.

What can you do for those drawers though? I mean those are the ones that seem to get everything lost. I have tried and tried and yet still weekly I am throwing away spinach and cucumbers that I forgot even existed. Well, I have found that either a good drawer divider will keep the all fresh and seen or these bins with lids that you can separate, yet still have the right amount of air and moisture for each item.

But, if you are anything like me and just have to be "DIFFERENT" LOL then you will really love my Boho Refrigerator that still does the same thing with a touch of nature.

Personally, I am all about reusable sustainable products. So I Love unique ways to decorate and store things. Like the Wicker Handle Basket that is used for all the snack foods. The Wooden Lid Glass Food Storage Containers are a hit, especially since they come in so many sizes and are so easy to clean and reuse.

But, I will have to say, one of my favorites is Bees Wax Paper!

Bees Wax Paper is Eco Friendly and can be used to keep veggies and fruits fresh longer. You can wrap sandwiches and food in the paper or you can even cover bowls and casserole dishes to keep them super fresh. Best Part is, it is reusable. They even come in seasonal and festive themes so you can get super creative if you want to.

Last but not least is the Produce Bags!

Produce Bags come in many varieties, but my favorite is the Mesh Cotton bags that you can both shop with and store your food in. They are washable and can be used in so many home decorating ideas, you will have to check out my blog post on that one. But let's not forget to use reusable ZipLock Bags instead of the throw away kind. I have all my friends hooked on these. You just have to make sure you wash them well and you will never buy them at the grocery store again! I love these reusable bags for fruit and veggies and these Bags for storing leftovers or bacon.

I hope you found this interesting and fun and maybe it will inspire you to clean out that messy fridge of yours as well. You can click on any underlined wording above to see the products used in this article. xoxo Haley


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