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Cozy Fall Favorites + Porch Ideas

Fall is the beginning of all my favorite seasonal decor. With the fall comes right browns, beige, orange and even reds. You can grab pumpkins and gourds to really bring everything to life, but my favorite is all the fall florals. I mean pink and blue is beautiful, but there is nothing better then the rich earthy feel of fall. So let's start with my Cozy Fall Favorites and Porch ideas.

Fall Porch Ideas

Fall is all about being outside! The weather is perfect, there is a nice breeze in the air and the nights are cold enough to a blanket, yet not to cold to go inside.

Fall Front Porch

1: Front Porch Furniture

If you have a porch or balcony that can fit furniture, then you need to find the perfect pieces that are year round cozy yet still show off your style.

The best pieces invite you to sit down, stay awhile and still have somewhere to sit your favorite book and a cup of coffee.

Make sure there is plenty of lighting, some great throws and a nice cushy pillow to throw behind your back.

But, Your furniture must come first, it is the centerpiece of your porch decor.

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Creative Fall Planters

2: Creative Fall Planters

Fall florals are my favorite, most of the stuff we use year round is in them, it is just better when they are white or browns. Plus, we love our ferns and leafy naturals, they just highlight fall like no others.

When it comes to our planters, you could go with what you already have and either distress paint them or just drop them into a slightly larger planter so that you can always change them out for the seasons.

My favorite for year round are the neutrals, like rustic, cement and even handmade originals, that are easier to find then you think.

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Warm Fall Entryway

3: Warm Fall Entryways

When someone walks into your home, what is the first thing you want them to see? Maybe you have a wall that is easily decorated with a console table and a large framed piece of art. Maybe, when you walk in your immediately greeted by a staircase. Either way, you can make that first impression easily by just showcasing your favorite seasonal items.

Fall is all about the blankets, so you will see the right color blanket in every room to really bring out the warmth. But florals, that is a must have. Being creative is the key to interior design. Find dried floral bouquets and hang them from the staircase to give it a wrap around cozy feeling.

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Cozy Fall Bedroom

4: Bright and Warm Bedroom Decor

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, at least it is for me. It is not the first thing any one sees, but it is the place that you feel your safest.

Decorating for seasons or Holidays is super easy if you know the basics. Keep the bedding a light neutral color like white, cream or beige. This allows everything else to be interchangeable and pop with the holiday and seasonal colors.

For Fall Just Grab Dark right colors like red, brown or orange and bring in all shades of those colors to really make it warm and cozy.

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Cozy Fall Blankets

5: Cozy Fall Blankets

Blankets & Pillows oh My! Blankets are what makes fall, well fall! The Warm fabric, cashmere, wool and cotton all feel amazing wrapped around our bodies.

Bring on a fireplace and pull out the trunk, all the blankets look amazing piled on a blanket outside in the cool crisp air. While we watch a movie on our outdoor projector. One of my absolute favorite things to do in the fall. What is yours?

Just don't forget, you need layers below you and layers on top, with tons of pillows, a tray and snacks, now your all set.

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Fall Books Ribbons and Feathers

6: Books, Ribbons & Feathers

If you are anything like me, I collect leather bound books, they are so classic and full of rich history. But you do not have to get fancy when displaying books. You can go for a faux book look or just grab your favorites and display them with a nice golden ribbon, feather and foliage. These rich colors will make anything feel cozy and warm.

Try going through what you have, picking out the darkest colors and displaying them in a nice pile, or several with one leaning on another. Or get as fancy as you like with the decor ideas.

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Cozy Fall Throw Pillows

7: Cozy Fall Throw Pillows

Yeah, I know! Girls and their pillows! But, you will never understand how much pillows mean to us. I love pillows for not only the decor, but the way you can change them out and have a whole new look in your room. Just by taking away one element you have a whole new design.

Plus seasons are for style, they are made to show off how your feeling, what your taste is and how welcoming the environment is. Show off your nature with chunky knits, embroidered pumpkins and rare one of a kinds. Thrift stores and antique stores are perfect for these kind of things.

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Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds

8: Pumpkins and Gourds

Everyone thinks of pumpkins when they think of fall. But gourds are my absolute favorite. They are warm, colorful and no shape is the same as the last one.

Grab a whole bunch, fill a bowl with greenery, berries and foliage and you have an amazing centerpiece.

Get creative with different sizes and shape bowls, you can go with a long deep one that allows you to show off the colors or an antique footed bowl that give you height and dimension on the table.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

Creative Candles & Vases

9: Creative Candles & Vases

I am a huge candle lover. You will find at least one if not multiple in every room of my house. Not only do they bring a nice calming fragrance to the air, but they are great for a calming ambience effect.

My favorite of all candles is the dough-bowl candles. Not only are they well made, but the bowl is reusable when you're done with the candle. Super Cool! You can also decorate the candle with small seasonal items, like mini pine cones and pumpkins and sunflowers to give it some nice charm. If you're super creative, you can make seasonal candles with fun miniature molds.

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Fall Baskets and florals

10: Baskets, Pumpkins & Cattails

Baskets are so much fun to create with! Holiday's can be the best with a few basket's laying around. At Christmas you can fill one up with gifts, the fourth of July, I have a large red basket I fill with Blue Blankets and flags and the fall is full of cattails, pumpkins and chunky blankets.

Each holiday can be even more creative then the one before. You can do this year one way and next year decide to fill it with all leaves, the ideas are endless.

Plus if you find a great unique one of a kind basket, you can use it for storage in between decor ideas.

Get Inspired - CLICK HERE

I hope you love all these creative ideas. They are things I do and use every fall season.


Haley Fox


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