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20 Beautiful Fall Wreaths - To bring you Joy

Fall is the season for decorating. It has all the colors combined into everything. Yellow, Brown, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Purples and more all make up our beautiful fall weather and inspire us to create things that bring out our true designer spirit.

Wreaths are the ultimate for a fall décor canvas. You can add Leaves, Pumpkins, corn husks, nuts, flowers, Baby animals, herbs, or burlap, there are so many possibilities. You can make a wreath spotlighting a theme or material, like pumpkins or gnomes or be ambitious and choose one that includes everything! One of the easiest crafting projects in the world is making a wreath. It's simple and easy to make a wreath and the best part, is it will be your creation. So let's get to work on your favorite for your front door and then we can keep creating for all the doors in the house. Here are 20 dreamy DIY fall wreaths, that will get your juices flowing. Below are 10 of my favorite DIY and 10 of my favorite premade wreaths, find your love with these inspirations today!

1: Fall Hydrangea Wreath

This dried hydrangea wreath is made from a simple grapevine wreath and hydrangeas that can be cut from your garden. With this easy tutorial, you can make your beautiful piece of fall decor in only 10 minutes!


2: Apple Harvest Wreath

3: The Acorn & Potpourri Wreath

Acorn wreath made by gluing acorns and potpourri on a foam wreath form.

4: Wreath of Pumpkins

5: Bold Floral Wreath

Hey y’all…we hope that you had a wonderful, long weekend. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to relax at the lake. We ate good food, shared a few special bevs, went on some wild boat rides and most importantly shared a great weekend together.

Jennifer and I even had a little bit of time to create a couple of fall projects. As you know, this is our favorite season. Can we sing out a giant “Woop Woop” as today is the day Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte? Yes, we are those people!


6: Indian Corn Wreath

7: DIY Fall Burlap Wreath