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Strawberry Valentine's Day Chex Mix

This Strawberry Valentine Chex Mix is a delicious snack that is fun to make and a super festive treat or gift idea Valentine’s Day! Strawberry melting chocolate coated Chex Mix cereal with added candies make the perfect delicious treat to share and eat.

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite Holidays! It brings out the Valentines day parties and gifts as everyone hands out candy, treats and adorable Love cards. Serving up a bowl of this Strawberry Valentines Chex Mix to my Son's classroom party is a surefire way to get him on the cool list for the week. All of the kids will talk about how yummy it is as they chow down!

The Recipe and Instructions are super easy too!


6 Cups of Chex Mix

Use the Microwave at either 50% Power or on Defrost for 30 second at a time, stirring between cycles

Until Smooth and Fully Melted

Then Pour over the top of the Chex mix and Fold until well coated.

Spread out on Parchment Paper Then Sprinkles with the M&M's

Then Cover with your favorite sprinkles

Let them Dry completely before Breaking it up

Add them to Treat bags or Treat Boxes or just eat them as they are down right delicious

Comment below if you make them and let me know how they turned out!

xoxo Haley


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