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Valentine's day Chocolate Strawberry Cocoa bombs

I absolutely love hot cocoa and there is nothing better than chocolate covered strawberries, so when you combine the two, you can't go wrong. They are super easy to make, just swirl strawberry flavored with white chocolate then use a heart shaped silicone mold to frame them out. Once you have two side, fill one with your favorite cocoa mix, some festive valentine's day sprinkles, some heart shaped marshmallows and seal them buy using a warm plate to warm one side up enough to press into the other side and your all set.

I got this recipe from one of my favorite blogs The Kitchen Divas, not only do they constantly have delicious everyday recipes, but their flair for the holidays is my absolute favorite. So make sure you check them out as they will give tons of tricks and tricks for everyday things, even these delicious strawberry cocoa bombs.

I love the use of the colored sugar crystals, which you can do in all kinds of colors, but the hot pink and the purple are my favorite. Add in an adorable heart candy twist and you have your own twist on a classic.

Now you can fill these with one Large heart shaped marshmallows or you can use a bunch of tiny ones, you can even mix with a little of both.

I used regular ones that way they melted properly and the sugar dust made it a real super treat.

If you make your own twist on these, please make sure to post the photos below. I will be showing off the most creative and fun looking variety.

xoxo Haley


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