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Patio Privacy Ideas!

I Finally I have my hands on a Patio renovation project! This is for the remodel of a 1280 square foot 3 bedroom 2 bath Condo with a small patio, in desperate need of a head to toe makeover. As I am embarking on this new journey, looking for inspiration for this small space has brought me to some interesting finds that I will share with you.

My Absolute favorite Idea, the one that I will be implementing in my new renovation, I will save until last, as I am sure everyone will also fall in love with this too.

But I wanted to start with Easy friend divider walls.

Taking Privacy Screens to the Next Level

Coming up with creative ways to stay within your decor but still have your privacy up, can be challenging. But incorporating old shutters or Screens Arranged in an arch or privacy wall is a very inexpensive and super stylish way to have a private heaven all to yourself. You have Simple Privacy screens that you can use in any apartment setting. Or you can use those to get super creative. I love the use of Old refurbished Windows and doors to make a privacy fence with. But, If you don't do this right, it can look like a junk yard instead.

But done correctly can be a outdoor she-shed getaway! Without the shed of course LOL You could easily do this next to one or even next to a small greenhouse.

Natural Looking Privacy Fences