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How to Make No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

As a huge fan of Home goods, I find fabric pumpkins all over the place, especially towards the ends of summer. Even at those amazing prices you can make these larger, more original and even less expensive with most things around your house. I will show you how to make awesome no-sew fabric pumpkins from old sweaters, jeans and even old t-shirts and blouses.

How to Make No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

What you will need: For One in Photo (I used this blue linen fabric)

1: Fabric (old towels, blanks, sweaters, Blouses, T-Shirts etc)

3: Polyfill - for stuffing your pumpkins

5: Orange Faux Leather / Brown Faux leather for the pumpkin stem


There are so many ways to do this I have done it with old socks where you just stuff them, tie the top and cut the remainder off. Well this is similar. Let's say we are going with an old throw blanket or towel. You are going to want to cut this as close to a square as possible. A lot would say, why not a circle, well because vegetables and leaves are not normally curved, they are pointy always different.

Once you have your section cut, place a good amount of Polyfill in the center, pick up corner to corner, then grab and ball up at the top. Make sure to squeeze down the filling as you make the stem. Once you have formed a pumpkin shape, Cut out a strip of the brown leather and roll up to simulate the stem and Stick that down the middle. Grab your twine or floral wire and secure it around the top of the fabric and the stem.

How to Make No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

Use your cookie cutters to draw out your leaf shapes with the orange faux leather, then the scissors to cut them out. Use the orange thread to stitch two pieces together. Your just doing a hand stitch around the outside and can get even more creative with a stich and a few lines down the middle to simulate a real leaf.

Cut out a long piece of lace ribbon and tie around that to hide the wires then hot glue a few of your leaves around the top and your all set. You can even place moss and flowers around the top to give it a nice look for a centerpiece.

Please let me know how yours turn out, some of my favorites are the ones I make out of my old blouses and t-shirts as their designs always make the pumpkins unique. Let me know what you use and how they turn out by commenting below.


Haley Fox

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