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My Favorite Outdoor Furniture

I absolutely Love Outdoor entertaining! Not to mention, just relaxing under the stars on a cozy Outdoor lounge chair made for two! And I just LOVE shopping for outdoor furniture! I love Patio sets, outdoor dining room sets, Creative Sitting Areas (Like this One) Grilling and cooking station ideas and I adore whimsical pillows and umbrellas (like this fun tassel one!) I don't know about you, but as someone that is constantly trying to create, seeing a nice piece of furniture inspires me to have outdoor parties, fun late night cocktail hangouts in the back yard with the Edison bulb string lights all about! Don't you picture this stuff too when you see a fabulous piece?

Since I’m a Frequent Stalker of Home Goods, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Amazon, Etsy and well quite a few others I love, I have been keeping an eye out for good outdoor pieces that will definitely inspire those creative juices. So I am going to share my finds with you as I go. Hang on for a fun Inspirational Backyard Entertainers Delight.

Just Check out this amazing Backyard Cozy Relaxation Spot. Starting with a Beautiful Rustic Wooden Lounge Chair with nice solid arms for resting on, then top that with a cozy cushion set, a few throw pillows and a light throw blanket and your all set. Keep the Decorating Simple with a Nice large Outdoor Table for you to easily set your teapot or coffee Mug, with room enough for your books and a small radio would be ideal. Then add in some subtle Solar Lanterns and some baskets to hold more throw rugs and you have a relaxing backyard getaway!

Here are my favorite Finds so far!

I know this is a long list, but honestly I could keep going, the finds out there are incredible, with such amazing backyard inspiration, I can barely contain myself. But, I will stop here as these are truly my favorites. I have a few of these pieces and have the rest on my wish list, so my yard will be entertainment worthy in no time. Let me know which pieces you love! xoxo Haley

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becca bonanza
becca bonanza
Jun 19, 2022

Oooooh ALL of these pieces are calling my name!! Need them in my backyard!

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