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Mummy Halloween Hotdogs

These Mummy Halloween Hotdogs are creepy and adorable all at the same time. They are the perfect Halloween treat. They’re easy and fast to make and such a great snack or meal for your family, kids and even a cute Halloween party food.

Mummy Halloween Hotdogs

Hot dog mummies are a Halloween twist on a corn dog, which is my son's favorite. He would grab two, a bowl of spiderweb ketchup and eat all the crust off before he started dipping it in the sauce! It is a super good, kid friendly meal.

It is also an awesome way to involve the kids in a fun fast cooking lesson. They can cut out the strips, wrap their own mummies and stick them in the oven. I can always see how happy they are when they pull them out. They know their creation is prefect and going to be delicious. It is such an sweet way to spend time together.

What You will Need:

Pillsbury Croissant Sheets (or rolls) I find the sheets easily at Walmart

All Beef Hotdogs

Sliced Mild Cheddar Cheese




Open the crescent sheet and roll out. (or the rolls and press together edges for form one large sheet)

Take a pizza cutter and cut rough strips from one end to the other.

Cut each piece of cheese into 4 strips and place one strip on the bottom of the hotdog.

Take a piece of the cut dough and start wrapping each dog until it is all mummified.

Make sure to leave space for the eyes when they are done cooking.

Place the parchment paper on your baking sheet, add the hotdogs, then bake according to can directions for 15-17 minutes or until golden brown.

While those are baking, pull out the condiment bowls, add in ketchup to the top, then swirl in the mustard and use a toothpick to form webs.

Once you pull the hotdogs from the over, use either a dot of mustard or ketchup and dab it to the back of each eye, then place it on the hotdog, once both are on, they are ready to serve.

If serving these at a party, I tend to make 2 packs, serve them on a large cutting board with paper condiment bowls they can grab and go with.

Don't forget to follow along as I will be posting tons of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Recipes for you to try.


Haley Fox


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