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Mid June Giveaway Time - 3 Surprise Gifts

All of you that follow me in Instagram know that I do large weekly, bi-weekly giveaways, depending on the season. The closer to the holidays, the more I love to share what I have. Some of you are super loyal at commenting and sharing that you have won multiple times... nope this is not rigged, it is why I use a program to keep track of all the points you incur, even with a tie like last week, it will randomly pick the winner of the 4 people that tied. Tons of ways now to enter and earn points daily.

There are going to be things inside that I am not showing in the photos as with anyone that wins can tell you, there is way to much to shoot.

I am going to start this all off with a Martha Stewart Basket - Great for Closet organization

Then I am adding in the first of two Surprise Gifts - This one is Valued at over $500

Then I added another Surprise Gift and a Super Soft Rae Dunn DREAMER Blanket

Surprise # 3 A Beautiful Piece of Fine Jewelry

Rae Dunn Car Air Fresheners

Rae Dunn Kitchen Towel Set and Hand Soap

Farmhouse Style Tea Towels - Two