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How To Celebrate NYE 2022 With Toddlers

If your life with a toddler is anything like mine, gone are the days of the glamor, glitz and big bashes for New Years Eve. BUT - that doesn't mean you can't still have fun! My two and a half year old son Colt absolutely loves to be included in practically everything I do on a daily basis. It only makes sense that when the grown ups are celebrating and having fun, he should be too! I have some fun ways for how to celebrate NYE 2022 with toddlers! The biggest thing to ensure that your kiddo doesn't end up in meltdown mode is to make sure that the activities you plan are developmentally and age appropriate. My son Colt loves to take photos and be in photos and act silly so I bought a set of New Years Photo Booth Props off of Amazon to use to take photos with family and friends this upcoming NYE. My son is going to love it! You can get your prop set here.

My toddler loves wearing hats and loves crafts, so the perfect combination of that is to get hats to decorate to wear for the evening on NYE. I found this great kit on amazon that comes in a 12 pack or 24 pack (I opted for 12) and it allows you to create cute animal and monster themed party hats. The kit comes with everything needed. Check out the photos below for our practice hat fun!

The last thing I'll have for Colt this upcoming NYE is play-doh! I know, I know! It's a mess, it gets everywhere but IT'S FUN! We keep ours stored in the garage on the craft shelves and every time we go in and out of the garage, Colt runs over and grabs it. He loves to play with it and it keeps him busy! It's the perfect thing that doesn't require a ton of adult oversight, as long as your toddler is past the stage of putting play-doh in their mouth. If you don't already have play-doh, you can pick up a set here.

I hope you've found a few ideas for how to celebrate NYE 2022 with toddlers! Thank you Haley for allowing me to showcase these fun ideas with your readers! If you found these ideas helpful, leave a comment or let me know on my socials! Happy New Year 2022!

Guest Post by Stefanie Bevins -

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