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High End Pantries are Now the 2nd Kitchen

Why are Pantries the New Craze? Well, it isn't obvious is it? The Organization, the means to find things instantly without searching through a overstocked cabinet, I mean who wouldn't want that? Watching this trend evolve has been super interesting to say the least. Starting with people turning small closets into pantries, just to free up some space that was being used to just clutter up more stuff.

As Home design and organization evolves, we find ourselves wanting larger areas to store big appliances and food that isn't so appealing if sitting on a counter. It really isn't as hard or as intimidating as you would think, either. Think about it, it is shelving and cabinets, which you can grab just about anywhere from Home depot to Amazon. Then it is all about how you organize it. You can grab the same style plastic containers, Baskets and Jars with lids to truly organize it with pro skills.

What do you do when you have small Space to work with?

Unless you are in a Rental, you truly have a lot of space in your home that you are unaware of. Most walls have very large space between them. Sometimes we have a closet or a wall that is not being used at all, that we can expand off of and sometimes it is right there in plain sight, but your unaware it exists. Try under your stairs, there is so much room under there that you can create a half bathroom, a pantry or even an office. The possibilities are endless, depending on the size and shape of your staircase. Then there are some houses that have two dining rooms, do you we need a room that we never go into but twice a year? Try expending the kitchen and making that area a large walk in pantry.

When it comes to expanding a smaller closet, check the walls, sometimes you can find 2-3 more feet in the, which is what you would need for the shelving. then you can get super creative with a counter and drawer space as well. You can display larger appliances without the clutter that they tend to bring on kitchen counters. You can grab Chalkboard labels that can hang from baskets and the sticker ones to put on the outside of each jar to really show off your organizational skills. To Really Maximize your space, try a rolling Kitchen Island. They add real charm an