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Gracie's Holiday Gift Guide!

I am so excited about collaborating with Hangin' With Haley on this holiday gift guide for Christmas! This year I decided to do a gift guide filled with all of my favorite things I’ve tried and blogged about this year! It’s also a condensed list of some of my affiliate links and discount codes for easy shopping! There’s no order to the list, but there is something for everyone! So Without Further Ado, here is Gracie's Holiday Gift Guide, to make your Christmas that much better.

These are my favorite Picks for The Holiday season, not only do they have a personal touch for whoever you choose to give them to, they also say how much you really know them.

She’s Birdie! This She’s Birdie makes the best stocking stuffer! It’s a personal alarm that easily clips to your bag or keys! All you have to do is pull the top and the flashing light and alarm will go off. To stop the alarm, you just replace the pin. I’ve all ready purchased several of these for my mother, best friends, and sister-in-laws for their Christmas gifts! Use this code “GRACIE15” for a 15% discount or use the link if you have all ready made a purchase!

Winc Wine! Wine is always a great gift! For this one, you pick 4 bottles and it gets delivered right to your door! It's a great treat for yourself or someone you love! Get $22 off your order with this link! CLICK HERE

nutpods! I cannot rave about nutpods enough! I’ve been on the nutpods squad since 2019 and it is by far my favorite dairy free creamer! I love to cook with the original flavor and the original oat creamer and all the other flavors make the best coffee and hot chocolate drinks. Use this link to get $5 off your next order!

Uber Eats Gift Cards! Uber Eats gift cards are always a great gift for a foodie! Especially with colder days coming, sometimes you just want dinner delivered right to your door! Any cuisine is available and it makes dinnertime so easy! Use my link for $20 off your first order or $10 off an order of $25 or more! eats-graciel228ue

Java Trading Company!

Who doesn’t love coffee? Java Trading delivers amazing coffee right to your door. Grab an assortment now for the coffee lover in your life!

For a 15% discount use code “GRACIE15OFF” or

use the link!

Organifi! Organifi is my favorite brand for wellness products! The green juice is absolutely amazing! I also love the Gold Chocolate because it makes the best hot chocolate! Use code “GRACIE” for 15% off or use the link!

Proactiv Face Wash Set! Give the gift of Proactiv this year! I’m not going to lie, I had horrible breakouts in high school that lasted throughout my adult life until I tried Proactiv! All of these products are amazing! I can’t function without my Proactiv products! Use my link for a discount! http://proactiv.rw9x

Green Steamer! This one doesn’t have an affiliate link or code, but it is one of my favorite kitchen items! These sheets make steaming vegetables so easy! Get a packet of them for your chef’s stocking!

B’s Rubs! There’s no code or link for this one, but these spices are the best gift for the griller in your life! You cannot go wrong with a box set of these spices!

I hope y'all enjoyed my Christmas shopping list!

Thank you Gracie for sharing this amazing Post and Make Sure to Follow her on Her Blog And Social Listed Blow....

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Thank you Hangin' With Haley for having me as a guest blogger this season!

*This blog contain affiliate/Amazon associate links. That means, if you make a purchase I / She may get a small compensation. I only share products I truly love! Thank you for your support.


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