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Gracie's Holiday Gift Guide!

I am so excited about collaborating with Hangin' With Haley on this holiday gift guide for Christmas! This year I decided to do a gift guide filled with all of my favorite things I’ve tried and blogged about this year! It’s also a condensed list of some of my affiliate links and discount codes for easy shopping! There’s no order to the list, but there is something for everyone! So Without Further Ado, here is Gracie's Holiday Gift Guide, to make your Christmas that much better.

These are my favorite Picks for The Holiday season, not only do they have a personal touch for whoever you choose to give them to, they also say how much you really know them.

She’s Birdie! This She’s Birdie makes the best stocking stuffer! It’s a personal alarm that easily clips to your bag or keys! All you have to do is pull the top and the flashing light and alarm will go off. To stop the alarm, you just replace the pin. I’ve all ready purchased several of these for my mother, best friends, and sister-in-laws for their Christmas gifts! Use this code “GRACIE15” for a 15% discount or use the link if you have all ready made a purchase!

Winc Wine! Wine is always a great gift! For this one, you pick 4 bottles and it gets delivered right to your door! It's a great treat for yourself or someone you love! Get $22 off your order with this link! CLICK HERE