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Awesome Gifts for Wine Lovers

We all have at least one friend who’s obsessed with everything wine related. From the gadgets, accessories, board games, unique wine clubs and gift cards, these unique and thoughtful gift ideas are sure to impress even the pickiest wine lover in your life.

Whatever your budget, I have you covered. Keep reading for some Awesome Gifts for Wine Lovers.

1. Wine-Themed T-Shirt

For that friend who just loves to cuddle up in their Sweats with an awesome book and a glass of their favorite wine, a cute and cozy wine-themed t-shirt is the perfect gift! There are so many to choose from too, this is one of my favorites as not only is it tasteful, it comes in both men's and women's styles with many colors and sizes to choose from. I even love the graphics that are added to the sleeves. I own several from this brand and they are high quality tees that will last you a very long time.


2. A Set of Personalized Wine Glasses

There is no better way to show how much the wine lover in your life means to you than to Personalize it. Order wine glasses for your wine-obsessed loved ones and add a sweet message or a meaningful date to the glasses. That way each time they take a sip, they’ll think of you.

There are tons of designs to choose from too, but these are my favorite. If it is a couple you can put each of their names on both or add them together or even Put a date or saying under their names, the possibilities are endless.


3. The Gift of a Wine Club

A Subscription to a Wine Club is a gift that never stops giving. You can choose from 2 or more bottles and choose the delivery time frame too. It can be monthly, bi-monthly or more. They have every flavor under one roof and every single bottle is aged to perfection with the most unique delicious flavors in the world. I have been with Winc for years and love every shipment that comes through the door.

You can also have it set up, so they can go in and pick their future shipments and bottles, that way they get exactly what they want!


4. Wine Aroma Kit

One of the best, most memorable things about wine tasting is the smell, and that's a fact! A wine aroma kit is an amazing gift for the true wine lovers in your life. They’re basically libraries of wine aromas, usually from all around the world. These kits allow you to train your aroma recognition skills and sharpen your senses.

If you have a true Connoisseur of wine in your life, then this is the perfect gift for them!


5. Unique Wine Cork Holders

Wine Cork Holders are so creative now and finding the perfect one for your loved one is the real challenge. If they drink occasionally, then a small countertop or wall holder is perfect, if they have so many they can fill a barrel, then get them a barrel!

This Beautiful Metal Wine Barrel Cork Holder is not only unique, it doubles as a tabletop that you can place your glasses and wine on. I absolutely love this holder and Your friend or family member will too!


6. Wine Bottle Opener Set

Wine bottle openers come in all kinds of styles, but this unique set, does it all for you. You literally place the electric opener on top of the bottle and in moments the cork is in your hand.

It sets on a unique holder that you can proudly display on your counter. Has Two Openers, two bottle stoppers, a foil cutter and dual Aerator and wine pourer. This Premium Design Allows You to Smoothly Dispense & Decant Wine Directly from Bottle to Glass.