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Eco Friendly Flatware? OK, Now I am Impressed!

With all the ways we are destroying our planet lately it just seems understandable that the more we throw away the worse off we are. So making anything that is eco-friendly and biodegradable is just down right genius! Today I am going to show you some modern, sleek and even fun and whimsical eco friendly flatware use can use to entertain, for everyday use or to take on the go! OK, Now I am Impressed, what about you?

Knork Flatware was formed with hope and vision of creating and producing products to aid in the chaos of today's on-the-go society. Founded in 2006, the company is aggressive in its strategy and innovative in its approach-creating solutions for use in an unlimited number of markets.

Modernize the Place Setting

Knork Flatware seeks to enhance the dining experience with its line of modern innovative products, unique design and practical function. Designed for how you naturally eat.

  • Knork ergonomic design and beveled tines easily cut through food with one hand. Make the switch from single-use plastics that are clogging up landfills and our oceans.

  • Safe- All our materials are tested to the strictest standards. Prop 65 and fda regulation compliant, phalate BPA free.

  • Dishwasher safe but biodegradable by design - meant to last about a year with use and reuse.

  • Lightweight and durable. Great for work and school lunches, Travel, on the go, byo cutlery, parties

  • 4 Orange eco forks and spoons, 4 Blue eco forks and spoons, 4 White eco forks and spoons

The Best Part is all the earth friendly fun colors they come in. it is so easy to have a place setting look sharp and fun when you have colors to add to the setting.

You can Grab a Set on AMAZON

or you can visit them on their website, I will have the link abt the bottom. All Photos on this post are clickable too. So, when you find what you love, click away!

Eco 8 Piece Flatware Set and Carry Case

Made of bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch (PLA) , this set is made for the on-the-go diner--use the carrying case to take your own utensils, then throw everything in the dishwasher to use again! Pieces + case are designed to compost within 2 years of disposal. Set includes an 8 Piece Eco Astrik set (4 Forks + 4 Spoons) and Carrying Case (carrying case holds Knork s/s teaspoon and salad fork as well as Eco pieces) Fork: 6.75" Spoon: 6.75" Retail packaging is made of biodegradable kraft material - and zero plastic!

Knork even Has a very Modern and Elegant Everyday line, you just can't pass up!

Like - Original Matte 61 Piece Set

Service for 8 Includes: 8 ea Dinner Knork 7.6", Salad Knork 6.75", Dinner Knife 9", TableSpoon 7.6" and Teaspoon 6.75", AND 6 matte all stainless serrated steak knives 9" AND 5 Pc. Serving Set (1 meat knork 8.5", 1 serving spoon 8.5", 1 slotted spoon 8.5", 1 sugar spoon 6.25", 1 butter knife 7.4") AND 4 – bouillon spoons 6", AND 6 iced teaspoons (standard) 8" The 61 piece set – contains service for 8 guests on the main place setting pieces, plus so much more, all with the KNORK's distinctive styling. Matte finish - a brushed satin finish that’s perfect for everyday use. Designed for how you naturally eat, KNORK Flatware creates a story for any table. Style and design converge to create a heavier, better balanced flatware that is built to last, and be a part of your meals for years to come. KNORK is an addictive experience. Once you try it you don’t really go back to the way you used to eat. *Each piece features a finger platform and ergonomic design; comfortable grip and increased cutting/spearing capabilities are an added bonus. Hand forged 18/0 stainless steel.

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