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Date Your Valentine At Home

Want a fun Valentines night, but don't want to leave your house? I totally understand! I'm more inclined to want to stay in too. I've rounded up a few ideas that will help break up the norm of your standard Friday night at home with your significant other and will allow you to have fun and date your valentine at home.

1) Sushi Making Kit - This kit is perfect for anyone who loves sushi and has always wanted to try to make it at home, but did not know where to start. It includes everything needed to make your own sushi and even has a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

2) At Home Paint Night - You don't have to be Picasso to make a beautiful painting that you are proud to display. This paint by numbers kit is intended for adults of all skill levels. This would be a fun and creative way to work together with your spouse to crate something beautiful.

3) Massages - A good old fashion massage can create some quality bonding between you and your partner.

4) Movie Night - Break out the candy, check out Redbox, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime and settle in for a cozy night with your valentine while you enjoy some good snacks!

5) Fondue and Cards - Try something different by making some chocolate fondue or cheese fondue while playing a game to learn something new and fun about your partner.

Even if you and your significant other are not inclined to celebrate Valentines Day, the ideas above are still a fun way to break out of a rut and reconnect with your partner by trying something new! All of the items above cost $30 or less.

Thank you Haley for allowing me to share these fun date night at home for Valentines Day ideas with your readers! If you found these ideas helpful, leave a comment or let me know on my socials! Happy Valentines Day ❤💜

Guest Post by Stefanie Bevins - Make sure to follow her on Social Media Instagram: Facebook:

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