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Creating Space in Small Bathrooms!

Our Bathroom is one of the most sacred and yet under designed rooms in our homes. Wouldn't you just love to have a nice place to wash your face, grab your favorite warm towels and just relax in the tub without all the clutter? I have remodeled hundreds of bathrooms in my career, but the Rustic is my favorite, so today I am going to show you Rustic Bathrooms that Inspire Change! But Most of all, showing you how to pull this off in the smallest of bathrooms. Yes, You will want to get started on your projects yesterday once you see some of these amazing ideas!

Inspiration is easy, but finding what fits in your space and what inspires you is another story. For some, the Antler Vanity Lights would be a bit to much, but for others it is that special touch that makes the room pop. For me, I love Custom Made Green Sink and the Copper Bathtub, I mean how unique is that! Even the Faucet is a Rustic Charming Accent.

The Round Mirror In a Rustic Western Themed Frame is a great touch to this Amazing Rustic Western Bathroom. Now Let's talk about the Accent Rug and those Amazing Copper Floor Candle Holders! Choosing the Right Accents can make a room go from chaotic to calm in the matter of moments. Make sure they are subtle pops, nothing to over powering or the focus will be on the wrong things.

Smaller Bathrooms do Not have to be Such a Challenge!

Most of us do NOT have Luxury Bathrooms to remodel. We have small spaces that can easily get cluttered. But there are so many ways to make that untrue, by being creative with how we store things. Small Bathrooms have their charm, but they do tend to stay cluttered and pretty much an eye sore. Change Your Sink Out to a Top Mounted Bowl Sink and the Vanity Base Cabinet into something with Drawers as well.

Your sink is another focal point of the room, so if your going to showcase your Custom Sink, Keep the mirror a simple chunky wooden framed mirror and coordinate the Vanity lighting over the mirror to match the Raised Sink and the Unique Waterfall Faucet.

Grab Yourself Some Shelving!

The Shelving in your bathroom can be a place that actually stores so much of your personal items in a way that noone even notices. Like Grabbing a black wire basket and filling it with your toilet paper. Then Layered a Nice Thick Succulent with a few smaller tealights, hides the fact that it is even toilet paper at all there. Add in a few designer Turkish Towels to give it that perfect depth and your all set with your first shelf.

Then You can take a few major essentials like your cotton balls, QTips and hide them in place site with a nice Rustic Display Tray. Add In your favorite Perfumes that match the decor and your favorite Beauty Products, then place a Large sweet succulent in front of them, to set off the decor factors.

How to utilize the Blank Wall - Wall Hooks

Hooks in the Bathroom can be a classy way to Hang your towels and yet let them dry without draping over the shower rod. In My Bathroom, I have 6 individual Wall Hooks as shown below....

The First one On the left I have a Turkish blue striped towel hanging from. The 2nd one I have a Beige Cotton Mesh Bag filled with all of my bathrooms toilet paper! The Next is hanging a Beige Turkish Beach Towel with a Body Brush Laying on top of that. The Last Two are layered with Subtle Colored Turkish towels to give it some depth.

Hung Evenly Over The Hooks I have 3 Framed 8x10 Matted Print Art that really shows off he rustic nature of the bathroom. Decorating to display the things we use is a genius way to get things off the floor and out of crowded cabinets and still have the room look amazing.

Now What to do with those Dirty Clothes!

Throwing Clothing on the floor is a norm, but how do you declutter a room, when it is so easy to just toss things in a corner? Personally, I use Baskets. I have two in the corner of my bathroom, One is super Huge and that is where I hide my Giant Makeup Case and hair Accessories, while it is draped with a Turkish Towel and a dried lavender flower bouquet. The smaller one in front is filled with the dirty clothes, I just make sure one towel drapes over the corner to make it look a tad neater.

Accents to make the Room Complete!