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25 Amazing Easter Charcuterie Boards

As Charcuterie Boards become more and more popular, the seasonal ones are My absolute favorite! Back in my Bakery owning days I used to make hundreds and love coming up with fun creative ideas. This last year I have been organizing and remodeling my house, so these have been on the back burner, even though I am craving to make these so bad. However, I have come up with my 25 Favorite Easter Charcuterie Boards and am going to share them all with you!

I absolutely love the mix of veggies, cheese, nuts, candy and dip in this lovely board by the ever so talented Stephanie of the diary of a debutante, check out her post Here.

2: Candy Board

From one of My all time favorite website Taste of Home comes this adorable Candy board, created by the talented Melany Love.

I love the pastels and cunny shapes, but my favorite part is the edible bird nest with robin eggs, super cute.

See Post - HERE

I absolutely love how they have turned varios sizes of rounds Brie cheese into the cutest Easter Bunny ever for this charcuterie board.

You can tell this one is so easy, you can get so creative with this one. Meats, cheeses, fruits, candy and dips, love every inch of this one.

4: Colorful Spring Board by Aleka's Get Together

This is a great blog for tons of inspiration, the board is no exception. I love how she elevates the candy in cups and uses broccoli florets, instead of regular broccoli. It gives it a more springy vibe.

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5: Cotton Candy, Cookies & Rock Candy by Kelley

The pastels are killin it on this board. I love the bunny face and butt cookies and all the pastel candles all about the board. But the Macarons, peeps and Cotton candy balls are to die for.

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6: Easy Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board by

Charcuterie boards are a fun festive dessert idea for any occasion! Sharing an Easter dessert board that is sure to be a hit for kids and adults! And this one is no exception.

My favorite part is the Brie Cheese Wheel with the cutout bunny filled with sprinkles and who doesn't love a good macaroon.

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7: Spring Veggie Board by My Moonstone

This vibrant spring vegetable board (also known as a crudités platter) features an assortment of colorful spring vegetables like asparagus, carrots, and radishes. These veggies are SO GOOD with the three homemade spring dip recipes I made for my board--Roasted Beet Hummus, Lemon Herb Yogurt Dip, and Basil Pistachio Goat Cheese Spread--so I highly recommend making these dips for your veggie platter if you have a few extra minutes! However, definitely feel free to use any dips you prefer or opt for store-bought alternatives instead.

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8: Easter Charcuterie Board by Arina

There are so many things that I just love about celebrating the Easter holiday! The fresh feeling of spring in the air, all of the bright, pastel colors, and, of course, the holiday tradition of indulging in sweet treats and candy! I usually like to go all out for my Easter recipes but sometimes I like to opt for an easier route that still puts on an enchanting Easter display. That’s where simple and sweet ideas like this Easter Charcuterie Board come to the rescue!

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9: Easter Grazing Board by Domestikated

I have been having so much fun brainstorming these themed grazing boards for holidays this year! My Valentine’s Day cheese board was a big hit, I loved sharing my Oscar Night snack board, and I’ve even made a kid-friendly version full of toddler approved bites.With Easter coming up, I knew I had to make one with tons of spring-y veggies and pastel-colored candies!

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10: Spring Roses Charcuterie Board by Bliss and

One of my favorites on Instagram. She showcases Charcuterie boards for every occasion and some of them you want to jump in the car, run in the grocery store and create the same day.

Her use of meats, cheese and fruits makes for any occasion.

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11: Bunnies and Mushrooms Charcuterie Board by Amanda Escoe

How is it that Easter is less than a week away? 🥕 Some friends and I are bringing some last minute snack board inspiration your way! These are all so easy to throw together for yourself or your kids and a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Check out the makers below and watch out stories for a close up! 🐰

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12: Peeps and Bunnies by The Cuterie

Here are 2 Easter ideas from last year but I want to know what y’all want to see this Easter? Charcuterie? Sweets? A combination? Are we still loving the cones?

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13: The Magical Platter by Charcuterie Chick

Make Easter moments magical with the Lindt GOLD BUNNY on your Easter holiday charcuterie board! I had so much fun with the Easter theme on this board, there are so many ways to get creative. Not only are the colors so festive, but the iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY and smooth, melty LINDOR truffles add that extra special touch to your board that you just can’t resist. Best of all, Lindt has a downloadable template on their website to make your own Easter charcuterie board!

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14: Cheese, Peeps and Pancakes Charcuterie Board by Korver Farms

Easter brunch is the most important meal of the holiday, but the one thing that has been missing from the brekkie spread is charcuterie boards. Whether they're filled with candy, packed with pancakes, or crowded with cheese, these mouthwatering boards are about to make your day as egg-cellent as ever. Instagram users have taken to the platform to share their most creative, delicious, and drool-inducing Easter-themed charcuterie boards, and they're as bright, beautiful, and bunny-filled as one might expect. Complete with Peeps, seasonal candy, eggs, and more, these boards are sure to make any celebration egg-stremely delectable.

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15: Breakfast-Themed Easter Charcuterie Board by the Wild Willow

It's Bunny Season, So Bunny pancakes, Fresh fruit and dip are a must have for a delicious breakfast.

Great for kids or even a brunch setting with your besties, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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16: Veggie-Themed Easter Charcuterie Board by Pink Antlers Shop

One of my favorite things to do with these boards is the use of either farm fresh or organic veggies with the stems still attached. This brings the board to life, not to mention the taste is 10 times better then any other.

Fresh Radish has a sweet taste vs the ones in the store that are more bitter.

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17: Bunnies and Brie by The Posh Plate

This board is so fully of life that there is something on here for everyone. Bunny Shaped Brie, cheese, meat fruit and chocolate covered Strawberries are just naming a few. Let's not forget the dips and breads that make it super easy to put a little munchie together.

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18: Spring Bunnies and Baby Chicks by Kelsey Easterling

Some friends and I have teamed up to share some fun Easter snacks sure to brighten anyone’s Spring Day. Make sure to follow along in our stories to catch all the details on what we cooked up!

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19: The Easter Egger Board by Southern Grazer

It’s Easter weekend so here’s a little charcuterie egg to start it off The middle of the board with the layered triangle cheese is the best part of this board.

Rose shaped meat is easy to do, but layering the right colors with the right things can be a challenge and she makes this look effortless.

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20: Easter Cheese and Crudites Board by Freut

Anyone else craving fresh veggies?! This Sunday, search your crisper and arrange a crudités board with what you have on hand! Serve with a simple ranch dip or (if you have it) soft herbed cheese. My Easter crudités board is in the blog archives if you need some inspiration.

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21: Cookies and Chocolate Board

This fun Board is filled with delightful treats for the whole family.

22: Cupcakes and Eggs Board

This twist on charcuterie boards combines all our Easter favorites into one colorful, easy, and delicious display. A few baked goodies, fresh fruit, and candy straight from the Easter basket make a tasty, kid-friendly Easter snack board. The pastel platter is perfect for Easter breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Your family will rave over the cupcakes frosted to look like bunnies, and kids will love the chocolate-dipped marshmallow chicks. Follow the directions below to achieve the perfect Easter dessert board.

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23: Easter Candy Dessert Board

Over the last few years, we started a tradition of making an epic candy board for every holiday. Sometimes we stick to a traditional charcuterie board, but with all the fun treats available seasonally it’s fun to put together a dessert board for the family to enjoy. It’s also a great way to share an abundance of treats when you’re entertaining family and friends.

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24: Carrots and Jellybean Board

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate… probably because I loved spring candy and the beautiful Easter baskets my mom made us. These days, I’m more excited about hosting a beautiful brunch, putting together baskets for my boys and dying eggs.

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25: The Deviled Egg Charcuterie Board

If you are new to the Charcuterie Board game then this is where to start! Just grab a Bunny or Egg Shaped Deviled Egg Tray

This is a cute way to give each person their own candy board or make it part of your dessert centerpieces.

Egg Shaped - HERE

Bunny Shaped -

I hope this has inspired you to create some fun, colorful and whimsical dessert and cheese boards. I know I will be hopping on making a ton of them. They are not only fun to make, but delicious to eat.

Show off yours by commenting below!

xoxo Haley


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