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20 Patriotic BBQ Party Dishes

When it comes to hosting, I am all in! I mean the creative juices start flowing from the moment I am decide to host a party. This year will be the first outdoor event so I have to make it super special. Outdoor Parties should have something to appeal to everyone from a few vegetable dishes to an array of different meat choices. But the sides, everyone lives for the sides!

So today I am going to show you My Top 20 Dishes to make at your Summer Backyard BBQ's and parties and boy will they not only be delicious, they will be super adorable and a great edition to your table decor.

1: 4th of July Popcorn

This Delicious Patriotic Popcorn is super easy to make and a great snack while waiting for the grill to heat up. If decorating a kiddie food table try grabbing a bunch of small patriotic Planters or solid color bowls filled with popcorn as part of the centerpiece.

One of my favorite bloggers came up with this super fun recipe and you can find it on her page by clicking HERE!

And don't forget to follow Emily Enchanted for tons of inspirational Recipes, she is Awesome!!!

BTW, Emily....get a news letter babe! 1st subscriber right here, LOL

2: Red White and Blue Sangria

A True Cocktail Winner right here! Not only is this super Patriotic with the Blueberries, red Strawberries and White Star Pineapple Chunks, it is absolutely delicious and YES I have made this twice now, hehe! Thanks to Lori Lange from The Recipe Girl Blog, you will find tons of these seasonal delights to try and most of them are things you will make again and again, they are that good! The Red, White and Blue Sangria will be a super hit!

Try Using Blue or Red Rimmed Classes, to really showcase the colors of the fruit, as shown here.

Then Throw in a Patriotic Cocktail Pick and the party is on!

3: Grilled and Tender Foil Wrapped Baby Back Ribs

BBQ's are made for Baby Back Ribs, but grilling them is an art of it's own. One of the very best ways to grill ribs of any kind is shown in this tutorial from 31 Daily. Not only do these literally fall off the bone, they are moist, delicious and full of flavor.

As someone that does a lot of recipe shares, I experiment with grilling out several times a week and to this day, I have found this to be the best way to make the pork style baby back ribs.

The only tiny tip I will add to her recipe is that we like a little char to ours, so we will actually lay them flat onto the flames for a minute on each side, right before serving. To me, this truly locks in that BBQ flavor that makes these so unique.

4: No Bake Summer Berry Lasagna