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Small Kitchen Ideas with Farmhouse Appeal

Everyone that follows me, Knows I just purchased a house that I will be moving into right after Christmas. The kitchen is very nice, with an island and a decent amount of cabinets. The house itself is lacking organization and storage, so I want to start with renovating the kitchen. It is an open kitchen concept that is open to the living room, but I am going to close it with two glass French double doors, to still give it an open appeal, but allowing me to add in a lot more cabinets. So I am going to share with you, some of my inspirations below for small kitchen ideas with Farmhouse appeal and hope you can all chime in with more ideas to help me get this project started.

I will start with saying that I have made a Pinterest board with tons of inspiration, you can check it out here.... PINTEREST BOARD FOR KITCHENS AND DINING ROOMS

I Love the open shelf concept that lets you display your favorite kitchen accessories as well as the style of the cabinets in the above photo.

The Farm Table in the middle as well as the cutting board wooden counters make this a charming farmhouse kitchen.

Decorating a kitchen in wood, copper and metal bring in a world farmhouse charm while still keeping it modern and functional.

Open shelves on the side of a cabinet can be good or bad. If your color coordinated and have an eye for design it can be super charming. But if not, it can be a place to clutter up things and make it look messy.

This is one of my favorite with the open beam wood ceiling and the old world charm of a center prep station that is all wood. This could be the most adorable part of your house, if done right.

This is not my favorite style, but I love the Island and the lighting. The sides having shelving to display dishes, bowls and cook books with the rustic charm of the lightings makes this a super good idea.

One of my favorite things in kitchens is the ability to add decor to the tops of your cabinets Bringing them all the way to the ceiling is practical for storage, but leaving space to add in nature or charming decor is also a must to give your kitchen dimension.

Having the sink on the island is one idea I am leaning on. I already have a farmhouse apron sink with the perfect faucet and plan to install a Dutch oven set as well as a wide spread exhaust fan over a large gas stove. This gives your kitchen a super awesome way to spread out the cooking, while still giving it that farmhouse charm.

I love the colors and use of the copper pot rack in this design. Not only does the island include shelving on the side, but you can add in color to the existing design with what you choose to display on it.

This is one of my all time favorite, It showcases the apron sink with a chopping block island and a gourmet gas cooking station, while still having the open cabinets that allow you to add real charm to this kitchen. LOVE IT!

If you have found some good kitchen ideas, please comment below with the photos and what you love about it, I am trying to get this all worked out by the first of the year to start the renovation. I can't wait, this will be such a fun project!

xoxo Haley


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