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My Favorite Food Bloggers - 2021

We all love food, but finding good bloggers that produce amazing, yet easy to follow recipes can be a challenge. I have had my favorite for years, but It keeps growing and for good reason! There are some super talented cooks out there, some are funny, some are serious and some are down right geniuses. Today I am going to show you everything from simple to pretty darn hard....but worth it bloggers that will delight you with every post. So Here is my Favorite Food Bloggers - 2021 Edition.

I am not going to go in any order, but I will have to say I will save my very favorite go-to website for ideas for very last as it is one of my favorites and I know it will be one of yours too.

So, I will start with one of my top favorites as she is not only adorable, but her cooking is down right food art.

1: Deliciously Ella

Ella started this as a personal project, not at all thinking that her little dream... Deliciously Ella(DE) would turn into what it is today, yet, she is living proof of how a simple blog can become a successful business, while changing her life and touching so many around her. Ella, created her blog as a part of her journey towards a plant-based diet. She was excelled to create a fully delicious vegan experience with zero compromise on the taste front.

2. Cookie + Kate

This is such an awesome blog, it is a whole foods vegetarian blog filled with delicious freshly made foods, Cookie + Kate is the product of a life long love affair between the passion for cooking and food photography. Based in the good old state of Kansas, Kate, the owner and creator of this hidden culinary gem, and her equally lovely dog, Cookie, are the "Wizard of Oz" duo of Yummy vegetarian food.

3. The Recipe Critic

This Adorable Blog was born in the summer of 2012 from the creative mind of Alyssa Rivers’ and her passion for food and cooking. This “family-friendly” blog has now reached millions of foodie fans and has on board an entire team of tasty food specialists, now known as – the critics.

Using the Index, you can find practically anything on her site, whether it’s a particular ingredient you’d like to cook with, a diet recipe, a holiday dish, or even a cooking method. Best of all, Alyssa assures us from the very beginning, all her recipes are tested and approved by her family members – the best of food critics there is, You will agree, you will see.

4. My Name is Yeh

A real New Yorker trained at the World Famous Julliard, Molly Yeh lives on a farm and loves to Bake. That would be your first impression, anyways. But, Molly’s desserts are not some recreations of traditional dessert recipes, but are a continuation of her constantly creative culinary mind – like a batch full of macaroon joy one cannot get enough of. So if you “suffer” from a sweet tooth, or simply want to feast your eyes in delicious colors, My Name is Yeh is definitely the place you want to be, actually… to live!. It’s the place to go if you have young children and are looking for some sweet, colorful, delicious inspiration, they can all join in making. I don’t know if her former musical training has given her the recognition that her food has – besides her cookbook, Molly has appeared on TV food networks and various TV shows – but her beautifully inspired fairy tale inspired desserts, surely have!

5. Skinny Taste

Taking whole foods to a whole new level! Creating and eating seasonal foods, Gina Homolka’s blog presents itself with a bit more than just delicious recipes – Once you land here, the hungry foodie may also find some very interesting foodie travel destinations, too.

So while checking out Gina’s meal plans, dieting section, and maybe even ordering one of her three popular cookbooks already on the market, you may also get really motivated to get in better shape after reading the weight loss success stories you can find all over her blog. The story behind her house remodeling is also an inspirational joy.

6. Sweet as Honey

A delicious place, even though it sports a dessert-only related name, where all Keto diet worshipers can find heavenly Inspiration. Best part is she is all about the Keto. The Keto diet’s one main “selling-point” is that of keeping carbs down as much as possible, which can be a challenge in the taste department.

This is exactly where Carine Claudepierre’s blog will suck you in with her blog filled with sweet and salty low-carb goodies. You as the Loyal Ketoer, won’t have to give up anything on the Yummy side of Amazing food! – pasta, and cakes included.

7. Love and Olive Oil

A beautiful online space where you can find almost anything your foodie heart desires – even yummy keto friendly, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free recipes. Yes, she has them all.

Love and Olive Oil is the Culinary Inspiration of Lindsey and Taylor, an adorable couple from Nashville that loves a fun home-cooked meal, along with the whole process that comes along with it. Preferring to eat at home and cook for themselves, But, their know-how of designing logos and websites, translated easily in a food blog, how couldn't it? – followed by three Amazing Cookbooks – where this lovely kitchen duo put their passion for food to Print.

8. Simply Recipes

Elise Bauer Started her blog as more of a virtual Family cookbook, to organize and share between themselves. Simply Recipes has evolved into a place that now reaches millions and millions of food lovers every day. It is now so large that it has a whole team of professionals Chefs, Bakers and Inhouse Team behind it.

The site is a very helpful tool for all those who suffer from food restrictions. Their featured recipes are my favorites. They are tested in their in house kitchen first, then share with us as this "this just has to be made" recipe of the day. They try to show you how to keep things simple and easy to do, instead of these catastrophes that sometimes can be an eyesore (but still yummy)