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Free Rain - Your New Favorite Summer Drink!

If you don't know who Colin McCabe is, well he is known for being one of the co-founders of Chop’t Creative Salad Company, One of the Best! Now he's Showing off his flair for flavors in the beverage industry. Free Rain is the new line of sparkling waters from Colin McCabe and this enhanced seltzer is clean, uses only all-natural ingredients, and comes in three amazing flavors. I love this drink so much, I am sure that Free Rain will also be Your new favorite summer drink too!

Each of these three refreshing flavors is enhanced with ingredients that help keep you focused, awake, and calm throughout your day. Get your morning going for your 8AM Zoom with Awake, a cherry lime seltzer with Siberian ginseng for that energy you need. Or, grab one for one of those study sessions with Focus, a blood orange and ginger seltzer with ashwagandha for true clarity. Then finally, unwind your day away and relax with Calm, a blackberry seltzer with Passionflower to keep you totally chill.

One of the things I truly love about this brand is that Free Rain is a member of 1% For The Planet. In addition to donating 1% of sales to support the environment, Free Rain uses packaging made from recyclable materials and post-consumer materials where it's possible.

Grab a six-pack or Stock up on Free Rain for $17.99 online HERE.


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