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Creative DIY Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Creating is much more fun to me then buying. Don't get me wrong, shopping is super fun, but when I can use my imagination to build and make beautiful things, there is no better feeling, then when it all comes together as your artistic design. This LOVE Centerpiece is all that too! You choose what you want on each layer! You can have yours dripping with succulents, stuffed with vibrant colorful roses or go with classic Peonies and babies Breath to give it a truly romantic feel.

To Make the one shown above and blow you will need to pick out the size Letters you want and the combinations you want them in. Like H Heart D or D & H, or even LOVE like this one.


Wooden Letter Succulent Planters

These letters are approximately 7" X "10 X 2.5"

Made with Premium Cedar.

No two Letter Planters are the same, they are all handmade and have there own uniqueness due to the character of the Cedar.

This Cedar Planter can be displayed both inside or outside the home. It comes unfinished and will weather over time.


Foundation, even if using fake plants.

Succulent and Cactus Potting Soil

  • FORMULATED FOR HOUSEPLANTS - Our succulent soil potting mix is the designed specifically for your succulents and cacti. It is made of five key components succulent potting soil: pine bark, pumice, and coco coir, peat moss, and sand.

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Our cacti and succulent potting mix is comprised of simple ingredients so that you can know exactly what is in your potting soil for succulents and cacti.

  • PROVIDES AERATION - This cactus mix and succulent mix is the perfect succulent dirt because it provides superior aeration. Our cacti soil allows for the orchid to get the proper amount of air flow, making it the perfect potting soil for succulent plants.

  • MOISTURE CONTROL - This cactus potting mix is the perfect gritty mix soil for succulents. It is specially formulated from materials like pumice, coir, and sand to ensure that is is a well draining potting soil for indoor plants.

  • STRONG ROOTING - Our cactus planting soil and succulent plant soil promotes root growth, ensuring that your plant's roots will grow strong quickly. CLICK HERE

Your Greenery

Preserved Reindeer Moss

【PREMIUM MOSS】We are real living moss taken from the forest, dried and preserved. The dry green forest moss is fresh and preserved naturally, without any dyeing treatment, and is 100% biodegradable. This well-preserved moss contains high-quality extra-long, plump fibers that can add luster to any garden or handicraft project.

【PACKAGE INCLUDED】The net weight of moss is 500g/1.2lb, and it is equipped with a packaging box for easy carrying and storage. You can stick the moss pad wherever you need it. Some of our customers stick it on the stone as decoration. We recommend customers to use hot glue and glue gun.

【LONG-lASTING DECOR】No water, soil or fertilizer is required. Natural moss has been treated to maintain softness and flexibility without any maintenance. This indoor plant art will remain vibrant and fresh green in the coming years. All you need to do is enjoy the peaceful beauty of real moss art.

【NATURAL BEAUTY】They are unique artistic decorations for homes or offices. A great gift for nature lovers. You can pack it into baskets, jars, glass containers and bowls to exude natural farmhouse elegance, or process it into the desired form and shape to achieve the continuity of the theme. It is very suitable for school projects, forest or woodland theme decoration, and as a filler to cover unsightly spaces.

【MULTI -USE】The preserved reindeer moss is very suitable for adding details to flower arrangements and wreaths. It is also suitable for other crafts and hobbies, including air plants and glass containers, model making and decoration. Very suitable for weddings, home decoration, DIY materials, craft projects, special events, woodland parties, basket fillings, autumn decorations.