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Best Mashed Potato Recipe Ever!

Let me start off by saying that not all mashed potatoes are alike. I am sure if you think back, you can recall some lumpy or even gooey ones that have left you wondering what happened. Well, the truth is, it has a lot to do with which types of potatoes as well as many other factors that I will go over with you today. After years of making mashed potatoes weekly for my family, I have perfected what seems to be the most popular side dish that even the kids know how to make, they love it that much! That is why it is time for me to share with you the Best Mashed Potato Recipe Ever!

How to Make Mashed Potatoes That Are Always Perfect

Mashed potatoes, Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing are the best part of any Thanksgiving or holiday dinner and the perfect side for so many dishes! They go amazingly well with just about any poultry or Beef dish, but super well when you add in gravy and sauces.

  • Here I will share with you my favorite tips for creamy, fluffy, melt in your mouth mashed potatoes.

  • The Buttery creamy deliciousness cannot be resisted!

  • The recipe is simple to make, few ingredients and pairs with just about anything you serve..

The Best Potatoes to Use

With all the options out there for potatoes, it can be super hard to figure out which makes the best one. Is it the Red, russet, baby new or Idaho, maybe it is those new jumbo bakers that will do the trick. Well your in luck, as I have tried them all and I can say with confidence that The Idaho Potato is the absolute best, but runner up is the Russet, so either one will work. The others do not have as high of a starch content, so they do not come out near as fluffy as you would want. When I use the Yukon gold potatoes, I like to leave some of the skin on for a bit of texture. But that is just a preference, we like it both ways.

How To Make Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes are one of the most simple dishes you will ever make, with four simple ingredients, easy to follow directions, this will be forever stored in your memory in no time.

  1. Peel all of the Potatoes (rule of thumb - 1 potato per adult, 1/2 for Children) Recipe based on using 4 large potatoes

  1. Cut each potato into quarters and place into a large pot of cold salted water.

3: Boil Potatoes: Cook the cut up potatoes in a large pot of boiling water until tender enough to stick a fork in. I cannot give anyone how long it takes to boil and tenderize the potatoes as the length of time you need to boil the potatoes depends on how big of pieces they are cut into. I have always cut my potatoes into medium size chunks (trying to keep them all the same size) and boil them for about 15-18 minutes. I know when the potatoes are ready, poking them with a fork to see if they are tender!

4: Smash the Potatoes: Drain the potatoes in a nice strainer then return to pot. Use a Hand Smasher to mush and smash until no lumps are left.

5: Add in 1/2 Cup of butter, 1/2 cup of Heavy Cream and 1/2 cup of milk.

6: Mince 3 fresh cloves of garlic and fold in.

Once all smooth and creamy add in Salt and Pepper to taste. Transfer to a Serving bowl and top with some fresh pulled parsley. Server Hot!

Let me know how yours turn out, Did you add in something different that I need to try? I would love to! Share your versions and tell me what you loved about this one by commenting below. xoxo Haley


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