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44 Influencer Platforms to Join

If you have at least 1,000 followers on any platform, then I can show you how to make money by posting for major brands on your social platforms. No, you don't have to go crazy or have top notch editing skills. You don't even need a high end camera. All you need is a camera phone and at least 1,000 followers.

I am going to list for you all the platforms out there that do pay / trade per post. Depending on the amount of followers you have, you can do both. I will also highlight at the bottom of this post, what you can do at each level of growth and what you can charge.

Don't be intimidated, You don't need to be an expert and you don't even need to be in the film to make this happen. Photographs are easy and video is too, especially with the apps out there now.

Influencer Platforms:

1: This is one of my favorites as it allows you to see all your platforms in one place, it even gives you full analytics so you can see the areas you need to work on.

2: QuikPlace - Formally Known as TikPlace features TikTok and Instagram paying campaigns that are both fun, creative and popular.

3: Glambassador This is a platform for all kinds of collaborations. From fashion to Home Decor, this is a great one to be on.

4: Izea - This is a great platform, but they are very picky on their content, so unless your ready don't jump on this one until you are seasoned.

5: Linqia - Very good platform to make money with, they do absolutely everything on this one. I have had some very good jobs from this platform.

6: Activate - This is for the Seasoned Professional - They work with Major Brands like Kroger's, Target and More, Make sure you have the following before you apply.

7: IMA - a Platform full of top models, chefs and creative influencers paired with top brands.

8: The Room - is a brand advocacy platform that facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between brands and people of influence.

9: Find Your Influencer - is an influencer marketing platform with access to 100,000 influencers. Since 2013 Find Your Influence has been relied on by many of the top brands across the United States.

10: AspireIQ - (formerly known as Revfluence) tracks over 500,000 influencers on its database and uses machine learning to understand their demographics, content quality and audience.

11: BrandSnob - is an Instagram influencer marketing platform that helps brands find and engage with influential Instagrammers.

12: Influential - Based right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, Influential calls itself an “AI marketplace.” The company utilizes the computing power of IBM’s artificial intelligence, Watson.

13: Ifluenz - is an Instagram influencer marketing platform which is focused on leveraging the power of micro-influencers. A micro-influencer is someone who doesn’t have a huge audience but the people that do follow them are rabid fans.

14: intellifluence - says it is an influencer marketing platform that has “the best dollar to real influencer ratio in the business.” For brands, Intellifluence is a pay-as-you-go service that requires no long term contracts and allows them to use the platform’s marketplace of influencers at different pricing levels.

15: Insense - is an influencer marketing platform with a difference.

It helps brands create Instagram story content at scale by connecting them with Instagram influencers. Using this content it integrates into Facebook ads manager so the content can be amplified via advertising.

16: Julius - is a data-driven influencer marketing platform with access to over 150,000 influencers all of which are personally vetted and hand-curated by the Julius team.

17: Klear - With 500 million influencer profiles in over 60,000 categories and five years worth of historical data, Klear is a comprehensive influencer platforms.

18: Mavrck - calls itself an “all-in-one influencer platform” which allows brands to “discover and recruit” influencers based on specific criteria.

It’s approach to influencer marketing is to have an always-on activation and engagement model allowing brands to accumulate their ‘return-on-influence.’

19: NeoReach - is a “self-service” influencer marketing platform. It includes customisable search features, workflow automation, tracking and reporting, allowing brands and agencies to run a campaign directly through the platform.

20: Scrunch is an influencer marketing platform with a database of over 20 million influencers.

As well as providing a technology solution, Scrunch offers a team of creatives to help brands plan and manage their influencer campaigns.

21: Socialix is a hybrid influencer platform and agency which runs “end-to-end” solutions for running effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer profiles on the Socialix platform track 20 data point to allow brands to understand their metrics and and interests for relevancy.

22: Shopping Links is an Instagram influencer platform that works by allowing brands to post briefs based on their requirements and where influencers can respond. It works with 14,000 Instagram influencers across 100 countries.

23: Social Publi - works with a full spectrum of influencers across multiple platforms including TikTok, Twitch and WhatsApp. They have over 150,000 influencers on their custom platform and have worked on over 3,000 campaigns to date.

24: Tagger - With over 3 million influencers on its database, Tagger calls itself “the complete influencer and brand partnership platform.”

25: Talent Village - Formerly known as Model Village, Talent Village offers premium influence solutions for brands seeking to build meaningful social story-telling with highly-engaged influential talent on Instagram.

26: TapInfluence is just Like Speakr, as in TapInfluence doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of influencers in its database but instead has 50,000 all of whom have opted into its database.

27: Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that does, what it calls, “Influencer Relationship Management” (IRM). This allows brands to manage relationships with influencers at scale.

28: Thinkers 360 says it is “the world’s first open platform for thought leaders and influencers to share opportunities, promote and advance their expertise.” In other words, Thinkers 360 focuses on thought-leaders and experts as opposed to consumer based influencers.

29: The Blogger Programme is a self-serve platform which says it has 42,000 influencers on its database and has worked with over 3,500 brands. For brands, it provides influencer profiling, content approval and campaign analytics. For influencers, it provides them the ability to apply for live campaigns and message brands.

30: Trend - focuses specifically on microinfluencers, allowing them to earn $300 per month for their content creation efforts. So far the company has sent out over 8,000 products to influencers and worked with the likes of Lyft, Rise and Detox Water.

31: The Shelf - a “data drive” influencer marketing platform with over 157,000 lifestyle influencers on its database. Both brands and influencers are provided with a campaign dashboard allowing both parties to keep on track of what has been agreed.

32: Chtrbox - You can start with creating campaigns by sharing brand objectives, and the desired results. Using the influencers database, you can find partners to collaborate on different types of campaigns including product reviews, launch events, sampling etc.

33: Heartbeat - a Platform for TikTok and Instagram! Take Survey's match with campaigns and get paid.

34: Clever - A Full service platform that joins the creator and the brand together to meet their marketing goals, very solid well made site.