Send the Products to be reviewed to:

Haley Fox Blog

818 E. Flamingo Rd.

Apt 337

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Included with the Products:

  • Anything that makes this more suitable for a custom photo-shoot (like packaging and fillers, extras)

  • On a Piece of Printer Paper, Please list your full name, company name, address, phone number and website. Add in What you would like to be reviewed for instructional purposes. 

  • If you need us to purchase the item for a review (like eBay or Amazon) you will need to pay the full amount of the product, plus 10% added to the amount to cover fees. Send it to immediately after you receive this notice. Once you pay, email the same address with link or instructions on where to purchase the item(s) and allow us 24 hours to accomplish this task. (We typically do this within hours of payment, but do like to communicate and verify if a link is not provided.

  • include all tags (up to 3) and all Hashtags (up to 10) that you would like in the post.

  • Post will remain active for 30 days and will be boosted once a week for a full month. (if it does well, it will remain up)


Affiliate programs will be considered after 3 months of campaigns.

The Best Campaigns are always posted out every 3-4 weeks with new fresh merchandise to get fans excited. ROI is typically at 2-3 months of influencer marketing. This is called a collaboration for a reason, you have to collaborate!. You want us to promote you, give us content to promote.


** Make sure to include a note on PayPal for what the payment is for, for easier search and find later.

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Page. My name is Haley and I am the Mother to three wonderful Children, Izzy, Noah and JC. This Blog is all about Family, Beauty, Fitness, Health, Travel & Fun ... Read More


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