Why I'm so in love with Las Vegas ♥

I know, I know, It is so hard to believe that I actually live in Las Vegas, not to mention Love living here. Most of my family and some of my friends are not from Las Vegas, so they just don’t get it. I say this to all of them though, it’s the most amazing place to live! They seem to want to know why though and they need me to validate it. Saying it is amazing is just not good enough!

So I will try to Explain this a lot better for all of you!

If you are new to my blog, you won't get this, but if you have been following me all along, well then you probably know my whole life's story. As a military brat, I have lived all over the place, and as a young adult I have traveled the world, but Las Vegas is it for me! Yes I am a city girl, I love sports and the great outdoors, but living in a place that everyone comes to, not only all entertainment, but your friends, your family, and even people you have wanted to see your whole life end up here sooner or later, makes this the dreamiest place ever!

I’m not hating on the east coast, which is where I have lived a majority of my life, but it's not for me. To me it is where I lost myself, where I kinda gave up on life. It is too cold, too rude, too distant and not at all about loving life. Again, I saying it’s not a good place to live, it just wasn't for me. Coming out here as a young adult to visit my step brother is what hooked me, well visiting him and working with Chiquita Banana of course.

Every time I have to go somewhere for a business trip or family function, I get so excited to come back home!

Las Vegas is just one of those places where if you are not from here, you don’t understand what living here is like.

Only people that live in this amazing city truly understand what I am talking about. Locals, comment below, so they can see what I am talking about :-)

Believe me, I understand! Most people think "Las Vegas! that is all about gambling, strippers, and boozing it up" …blah blah blah blah blah. And yes, that is all true when it comes to the tourist aspect of things. I mean, yes we have strippers, and yes we have blackjack and craps on every corner and lets not forget the alcohol, the bars here are like nowhere else on the planet! Take away the tourist side of it all and you will see exactly what I am talking about!

I don’t gamble and I can't think of a friend that does - it is a tourist thing!

there is a club on every corner too, but you won't find me or my friends there, if we are it is for a celebration or maybe even to people watch as that is a great past time here. Watching people get drunk and flirt their way across a room can be hysterical and wildly entertaining.

Las Vegas has tons of stereotypes and I am fine with that! I love that most of my family and friends think about the strip as only having alcohol, gambling strippers and shows. But, I get terribly frustrated when tourists refuse to believe that we have normal lives here. You should see the shocked looks on their faces when I say I am from here. It is as if, WHAT, PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE HERE??? WHY??? I mean we do have amazing malls, hiking, nature, schools and more, but no-one believes anyone actually lives here.

Did I even mention that Las Vegas is one of the most festive places on Earth? There is not a casino that is not decorated to the hilt. Each casino brings it's own holiday charm to each and every thing you see. You could visit every one of them and not be bored with even one place you go.

For instance, the Bellagio has a stunning showcase of seasonal flowers that they form into the most elegant of holiday displays. Sam's town has a family friendly village, Santa and a snow covered waterfall that will take your breath away. Even T-Mobile Arena, as shown in the photo below, has the tallest Christmas tree around. There are fairies, presents and festive lights every where you look. Not to mention the intense Love for our Hockey Team the Las Vegas Golden Knights, who I was there to cheer on with 20, 000 other Las Vegas Natives that night! It is a feeling you just can't describe.

and the Magic forest at opportunity village is nothing to snicker at either, just check this out!

It is Christmas season here, right now, so it is stunning how much you can find to do for the family and the best part is that most is free! You just have to pack them up in the car, find some self parking and game on!

Now, here are a few fun fact for you, Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the US with almost 3 million residents and growing. Many have found themselves moving here for a few months and never leave. When it comes to entertainment, everything and everyone comes to Las Vegas, so you will never miss out on anything! And yes, we have fine arts here too at the Smith Center!

As you can see, I can go on and on about my love for this beautiful city and the people in it, but I will end this by saying how amazing the culture is here. In my humble and bragable opinion, it is one of the most eclectic cities you will find, no less want to live in! To me, it is the most judge-free place on the planet. I have made more friends that feel as close as family then I made anywhere else.

I do love to hear from all of you, so Please tell me how you feel!

Much Love,

Haley Fox

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