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Why I decided to become a Paparazzi Consultant

If you are anything like me, joining a program is something I shy away from, especially when it costs me money out of my own pocket. It is a risk and something that you have to know you can work in order for it to work. But the reason why I decided to become a paparazzi consultant is so easy to relay.

There is not only training that comes with everything, but the support team is amazing and the perks to having your own home based business is unreal. Even if your just doing this for a side hustle, it is a platform that can give you results so quickly, just by following the guidelines of "treating it like a business"

The First Perk is you get to be your OWN BOSS! No more 9-5, jumping in the shower to run out the door, then too tired to do laundry or even cook dinner. Now everything is at your own pace. What you put into this, you get out! The Simple truth is, the more you put into your own business, the more you get out of it.

The second reason is that Paparazzi Accessories is a great business that allows you to get rewarded for all your hard work. Unlike most jobs out there, you will see your rewards right away. At a normal job you have to work hard to make the company money. When you own your own business, your working hard to make yourself all the money, it is just plain common sense.

And then you have your truly obvious benefits of being your own boss. No more taking off from work for appointments, no more childcare and no more getting in trouble with your boss if you need to take a day off for anything important. With Paparazzi you just work around your own schedule, you call all the shots, this is what they call TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

My Favorite Perk of all though is that you have additional income that is fun to work! With me, it only took a few months to see results and only a few more for me to do this full time.

I have incredible mentors that encourage you along the way, teach you and help yo grow. But the friendships I make along the way is a true blessing as most companies are only about the downline or the results you are getting for THEM! Paparazzi is all about the results you get for yourself! You cannot ask for a better support system ever!

Now I can afford my sons Karate and Guitar lessons with ease too! Just think about this, who wants to live from paycheck to paycheck? I have done that and it is very hard to survive waiting for your next payday. With Paparazzi you are paid directly every time you make a sale, no waiting around for your profits to roll in! You are only limited by YOU! Put in the work and it will pay off 100%

When a Paparazzi Consultant finds out how easy it is to sell $5 Jewelry, they soon realize that the sky is the limit as to the potential of this business. If you have to drive to be successful and run your own business, then you can easily be successful with this one. You have a prebuilt website, you can recruit new members to your team and help them be as successful as you are at it and the Paparazzi company will also reward you for all your hard work.

One of the major benefits of JOINING MY TEAM, is the training from a 30 Million views per month social media influencer. I answer all and every question you will have for growing your audience, selling and recruiting, so no need to do tons of research, just ask away!


Remember, there are very few business start ups that don't cost you half a million dollars to start. With Paparazzi you can join for as little as a $99 investment and in return you get $175 worth of jewelry, training and ME!

xoxo Haley

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