What Is a Jade Roller and How to Use it!

The Jade roller may be 2019’s most talked about beauty buy. But, what most people don’t know is that this radiance-boosting, cheekbone-defining, detoxifying gem is not new at all. In fact, this gem is a favorite among spa owners, wellness experts, beauty and fashion models and self-proclaimed beauty gurus and is actually more than a thousand years old. This little beauty secret was so special at one point that it was once reserved only for the Chinese royalties and high up officials, because of it's beauty secrets.

“Jade’s non-invasive rolling action and the incredible healing properties of the stone are deep rooted in ancient medicinal tradition,” explains Octavian Savin, founder of Zivelie Beauty. “This ancient medicinal practice has been an essential part of total body health and youthful skincare since the 7th century. It’s only now that Western culture is waking up to the long list of its holistic benefits.”

What is a Jade Roller and how does it work?

The jade roller is a skincare tool made of a beautiful and authentic jade stone which is rolled across the skin for many skincare perfecting purposes. So with the Question, What Is a Jade Roller and How to Use it! The Answer is simple. Just like you workout for your body, jade rolling can offer esthetic and health benefits, like all the reasons shown in the graphic on the right. Jade rolling feels like a relaxing facial massage which helps to drain lymphatic fluid that is held stagnant beneath the skin tissue. Acting as a “bath water” of sorts for the cells, refreshing and replenishing nutrients vital to youthful looking skin.

But if the lymph system is not in motion, this fluid can hold onto toxins and tension held in our face by jaw clenching (One of my biggest issues) and everyday facial expressions causing blockages. Jade rolling gets these things moving again, opening these blockages and allowing the system to boost circulation and promote healing, holistically. By allowing the facial tissue to deeply relax, we can move this fluid out and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

By flushing the toxins out of the body through the lymphatic drainage and releasing the blockages in the tissues, it allows the flow of lymph and energy achieving harmony and balance. Many users describe their jade rolling experience as an uplifting and tightening effect for their cheekbones and jawline and a beautiful brightening effect for their complexion.

What are the benefits of using a jade roller?

Think of a jade roller like a workout for your face and neck. It has been proven to boost circulation, tone muscles, stimulates collagen production, flushes out toxins and even help your serums get absorbed faster and work even better then intended to. There are so many signs of aging that can be reduced by revitalizing the flow of lymph and stimulating the skin with a jade roller. By draining excess fluid, jade rollers can visibly uplift your cheekbones, tone your face and reduce puffiness and inflammation around your eyes. To me is one of the most visible signs of aging. It can also smooth fine lines, tighten sagging skin, increase cell turnover rate and diminish dark and puffy circles under your eyes. I actually have an eye mask I use to reduce the puffiness, but when I take it off and use the Jade roller right after it, the effects are almost immediate. (sometimes this actually shocks me how fast it works).

Are all jade rollers the same?

All jade rollers are not created equal, no way, no how! Many on the market are made of plastic and contain harsh dyes that can actually be counter productive. Some are even sourced unethically. Authentic jade stone will always feel cool to the touch.

Real Jade Rollers source their Gems from China, using jade stones of the highest quality and 100% dye-free.

When I first decided to try this ancient beauty secret out, I was very skeptical. And, as we all know, we are our own worst critics. But within a week, I was getting carded for socializing with my friends and that had not happened in over 7 years. I was astonished at how no-one would believe I was over 40. I had men hitting on me, never believing me, until I would have my friends join in claiming "Yeah, she is in her 40's" Still to this day, I have these issues and I contribute it all to my daily beauty routine that always includes my Jade roller.

D: Is there more than one way to use a jade roller?

There are so many ways you can use a jade roller!

For Plumping, De-Puffing and Toning your Cheekbones: Use your jade roller with this Lymphatic Drainage technique, moving lymph towards the outer edge of the face, then down the neck, before working your way in. Use this technique consistently both day and night for best results.

For Fine Lines and Sagging skin: Use your Jade Roller along with a good hyaluronic acid serum. This will distributes pressure to smooth fine lines in your face. Unlike Botox which literally paralyzes the muscles in the face, the idea here is to move stagnant lymph and relieve the stress patterns that are held in the muscles of the face as well.

For Puffy Eyes & Dark Under-Eye Circles: Use the roller first thing in the morning, straight out of the freezer for an extra cooling and blood vessel–constricting result.

For jaw clenching pain: Use the small side of the roller to work knots out above and below your jawline, working from the chin out toward the ear and down the neck.

For Headaches: Use the large and small side of the roller on the temples and scalp for instant pain relief.

For Nasal Congestion: Use the smaller side of the roller to work from either side of the bridge of the nose, sweeping out towards your ear. Pause and apply pressure to points on the outside of each nostril before doing this again. Move down your neck following each stroke to drain lymph.

So Here are my Top Three Questions and Concerns when it comes to skincare:

What are my wishes related to my skincare?

What are my biggest concerns about my skin? and

What are my immediate skin related issues and how am I working on resolving them?

My Biggest Wish is to reverse time, but as we all know that is impossible to do, we can rewind it a little with the proper care and we can maintain a youthful look by maintaining that care, but to go back to 20, will always stay a wish. That is one reason I am doing this post, it is so important to start our skincare routine while we are young. If you have not, start now!

By Biggest concern about my skin and how I am dealing with it, is the bags under my eyes, I always look tired and have water retention. I don't look like this most of the time, but that is due to the fact that I use my jade roller in the morning, at night and sometimes in the middle of the day. Even before I discovered my Jade Roller, I made sure that my daily routine was about treating everything, so that I wouldn't have more concerns down the road.

What are your concerns? What are you doing now to resolve them? What bothers you the Most about your skin? Let me know by placing a comment in the section below.

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I hope this article was helpful and as always, Please leave questions and advice in the comment section below.

xoxo Haley Fox

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