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It is time! I am finally doing it! We are hitting the Road for a 2-3 Year Road-trip across the USA and Canada. I just purchase the 5th Wheel and am Now shopping for the Diesel Truck to pull it. I will be Based in Las Vegas, but be Planning the trip out starting now. I will be staying for 2-4 Weeks in each place depending on what there is to do there. I will be 100% Solar Powered and looking for either shaded or water spots to camp.

I filmed the shopping day for your pleasure here:

I Do have a vision for each place that we camp as I will still be doing all of my Beauty, lifestyle, cooking, travel and #bethechange videos each day. So I am planning on purchasing several tents with real setups for outside. The inside will mainly be the kitchen, Bedroom and studio, with bunks for when traveling. So I do want to remodel to be a chefs kitchen with an island and indoor dining for when traveling, but nothing more in this area.

Would like to convert this to a full fridge and Gas Stove, as well as remodel all the cabinets to wrap around the entire side of the room. (maybe with the eat in area side as well. Basically tons of cabinets.

I love the wrap around, but hate that fabric, I need a new fabric and lots of pillows.

Do you see all the space on the the window near the top? I think that can be turned into some unique storage as well.

The Bedroom is pretty nice, but eventually I would resurface or paint the cabinets.

Not sure if I like the mirror closets either, any suggests for that?

The Bathroom is very nice, but it definitely could use a face-lift.

My favorite feature of this besides the main potential is the toy travel trailer that is attached. Not only is it super room, it has outlets, built in shelving, a lift and can convert to another bedroom. This room has so much potential it is crazy. I would use this to store everything while travel of course, but if I do this smart, it will be systematic setup. Turning this back room into an amazing studio.

If you have any ideas on how to help me turn this into a great vlogger studio, please please help me!

I would really also love if anyone could give me great trip spots, camping spots and restaurants to visit, so I can start planning out or trips.

not sure how to make the front look nice or if there are storage ideas for while parked, but let me know.

I would also like some advice on the best solar lighting and internet to get for travel.

Now onto my Actual Camping setup.

I would like to have an outside setup that has our main dining and living-room outside.

This one to be Exact:

Then this Tent, to give my Son / Production Assistant and My Traveling Intern (still looking, lol) to stay in. One of these below, Please help me choose this one.

Tent 1

Tent 2

Tent 3

I even thought two of these and put one on each side of the living room tent, to give them each their own space. We are using real mattresses, set up on pallets, and will have dressers and desks for each tent. As well as solar power to all of them.

For anyone interested in Hosting us on their campgrounds, would like us to visit your restaurant, museum, unique hidden tourist treasure or any sponsorships, please email you may also text 702-321-4444

Anyone looking to donate, please go to our Wishlist on Amazon


You may also sent your donations to:

Sill have 19,749 Goal to reach for first year travel expenses (Donations, please use venmo hanginwithhaley or paypal email above.

solar panels, camping gear, trip info, etc.

Haley Fox

213 N Stephanie St

Ste G-415

Henderson, NV 89074

Love you all, please leave all your comments below, can't wait for this next chapter!

xoxo Haley

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