Today is National Love Your Pet Day

Pet owners unite for Today is National Love your Pet day! So I am going to show you all the ways you can show love to your little ones on this special day. From pampering to what they eat, show them how much they are a part of your family and your heart!

Love Your Pet Day on February 20 (TODAY) and it is a chance for you to shower your adorable furry , scaled or feathered friends with a little extra affection.

I am going to show you 5 Ways to show them you care!

Love a Rescue Dog

Why not share your love of dogs by giving back. There are many ways you can help with rescue animals. For example, animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, but if this is not your cup of tea, have you ever considered donating items? there are hundreds of rescue animals in the system and supplies are always in demand. Most shelters have wish list and will happily share them with you. The Best though is fostering a pet, the love that these amazing animals can bring to your home is priceless.

Not only are they a new member of your family, but most of the time, you don't know how you ever lived without them.

This Dalmatian, is the calmest sweetest one you will ever meet. Not only was he abused, but he was starved to the point that you could see his ribs! But look at him now! Look what the love of one person can do for an animal, it is amazing!

Give your pet extra Affection

We love our pets, but we get super busy with our lives and can’t always give them all the attention they deserve. Play with your Kitten, run around outside with your dog. Give your parrot room to fly or your guinea pig and iguana extra time to roam and explore. You know your animal, so give them whatever they like best: a walk, a cuddle, or just time to run around.

For Noah, it is his bunny, she loves to have space to show how happy she is. When she has her freedom, she will run, jump and even do flips through the air.

For our dog, he just loves to cuddle, call her over and give him a hug and he is all yours. But most of all, just show them how special they are and give them that extra time you normally can't.

Give them a treat

On your way home from work, stop and grab them their favorite snack. Bake them a cake or a homemade treat to show them how much you love them.

If you like to cook, you’ll find many DIY pet treat recipes online. Even if your dog or cat is on a special diet, there are tons of non-food treats like catnip or chews for your dogs.

Try making the something special and letting them dig in like there is no tomorrow. Then give them a nice bath with some great smelling shampoo and let them play in the water for some extra fun.

By the way, Noah's Bunny is a fanatic for balls of yarn, try tossing them across the floor with a treat at the end, it is so cute when they find it. It is like Bunnyland Christmas, LOL

Bring them home a new toy

Stop off at your local pet store and gather up a bunch of their favorite toys form them to have a blast with. However, You don’t have to spend a lot of money to provide your pet with a fun and entertaining distraction. The internet is filled with many ideas for homemade pet toys, like - 25 Frugally Fun DIY Dog Toys To Pamper Your Pooch. Then there is Daisy, he just loves Tennis Balls, so sometimes, simple objects are the best. This is especially true forat owners. As they all know, there is nothing better for a cat then simply opening up a cardboard box. If your Pet doesn't play with toys, like my dog Bruiser, Yes I have more than one, LOL Try giving them a new Dog Bed or Collar for them to show off instead.

Keep your Pet in Good Health

Making sure your Pet is healthy makes them happy and energetic. Showing them how much you care, is taking them to the Vet for their regular vaccinations and checkups. Routine checkups can prevent worms, vitamin deficiencies as well as many diseases, including those like rabies that can spread to people. Help your pet live a long and healthy life, by making sure you take them in regularly. If you have forgotten this, today is a great day to remember to do this for them. If you have not been to the Vet Yet, You can find one HERE

Please comment below with how you spoil your dog, cat or even your piglet on this amazing Day National Love your Pet Day! Leave Your Photos and Suggestions in the comment section below. xoxo Haley Fox


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