Taking Beautiful Photos Without a Photographer

Jumping between being a a full-time mom, a job, your blog, and housekeeping is no easy task, but we all do what we have to do, to get it done. My biggest battle is finding the creativity after a long trying day. Ironically, that’s also key to taking amazing photos. So, what are we to do when we have no photographer, very little time and energy and a backlog of content to produce?

Over the course of my many years blogging, I have learned a lot and have my heart and soul goes into my content. While I still have a ways to go, as I do collaborate with photographers now, I can show you many tips and tricks to get this done at home alone!

Pay attention to the lighting

We often hear photographers talk about lighting, this is because it will make a break a good photograph. Natural lighting is always the best there is. It is not always possible in seasonal states and countries, but you can fake it inside with the proper equipment. Now this can be very pricey or If you are starting out and on a budget there are also tips I will share that will do the trick.

Let's Start with Equipment.

For someone on a budget, this is the best tip I can give you!

Use Clamp Lights using Natural light Light Bulbs I still use these to this day.

I recommend 4 of them with the one pack of bulbs or even a back up pack to be safe.

For anyone that has an extra Room and a little to invest then the Best Lighting Kit I Recommend is the Pro Lighting Kit

Now for the Setup....

Get a tripod & a remote

You can’t expect to take self-portraits without something to hold up your camera or phone. Sure, you can set your camera on top of stacked books and use the self-timer, but by the time you’re ready to snap, you will fail more than you will succeed.

Take the smart and easy route and just get the tripod + remote.

It’s one of my many go-to setups.

The One that Izzy and I still use for small shoots as in the one above is the

Iphone Mount & Remote Combo Pack

This of course is the cheapest method you can do to get started.

Start with Self Portraits

Headshots are something all agencies want, so I started experimenting with them a long time ago, long before I moved to full-body shots. You’ll learn faster about your “better” side, angles, and framing, by jumping in front of a mirror and posing. Don’t expect overnight results. It might take a few months to achieve something you’re proud of, but when you finally do, the results will inspire you.

Believe me, sometimes it takes 30 photos to get the RIGHT ONE!

Pick your outfit carefully.

My one favorite things I have learned through the years of selfies is that what looks good in person doesn’t always look good in photos. That means wear clothes that photograph well and pieces that really flatter your features (as in your skin tone, body type, hairstyle and makeup). A photograph is the one artistic piece you will showcase your work with, make sure it all flows well together. tight pieces are generally too revealing on my frame, but it can work if you’re taller and leaner.

Look at how everything in the photo works for the outfit. now of course this a staged photo shoot, but the concept is the same.

Editing is Key to Stunning Photos.

I love playing with color and watching how it changes the mood or excitement of a photo. All my images I edit quickly in Adobe Spark or Photoshop, depending on what I need to accomplish. For someone that doesn't know how to do graphic design, I recommend adobe spark, it has ready made templates and is very easy to use.

for the More advanced, there is no better Graphic Design Software than the Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc... and now that they are on the cloud system it is a dreamy piece of software to use.

Always Use the right lens

For portraits, I recommend a 50mm and above so you can avoid distortion. The 85mm would be ideal but it’s a tad more expensive. To achieve full-body shots in tighter areas (like your bedroom or bathroom), a 35mm is the best.

Don’t forget your product shots.

Great photographs should never be limited to portraits. Layouts are an amazing way to break up the portraits and show your styling abilities to showcase your work. I have to walk in circles taking many photos before I find the perfect one, then I still play with it on photoshop to give it an extra pop.

this type of photo needs tons of lighting and the right lens, which is the 35mm.

Aside from the tips in this post, the best thing you can do for yourself is practice! practice! practice!

Hope these tips helps & don’t forget to keep your requests coming!

xoxo Haley

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