Spiritual Retreats and What they can do for a Stressed out Mommy!

As most of my followers already know, I come from a family that was very chaotic and dysfunctional as are most families these days. Mine was so much so that a Movie Series wouldn't cover the drama and unreal events that took place throughout my childhood. I am only mentioning this as it is not uncommon these days for Mothers, Children, well just about everyone to be carrying around a ton of stress and emotions that if we don't do something with, WELL we could explode at any moment.

as a Mother, we Put all our energy into our children and leave NOTHING left for ourselves. For working Mothers like me, this can be so stressful on our minds and bodies that we snap at the tiniest most minute things. This is so unhealthy for our children, not to mention us as Mom's. We feel guilty and only add to the stress we are already under.

We need time to be alone, be with nature and connect spiritually and mentally with the earth again, to know that we matter, that we are also important. YES, this is hard to do and yes it is something we feel we don't deserve, but do our kids? Don't they deserve the BEST you possible?

So I came up with:

5 Reasons to Travel to a Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual retreats don’t have to be religious, in fact, this type of getaway is more about soothing your soul, nourishing your body and mind. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly half of Americans say they’re frequently stressed, while just 17% say they rarely feel stressed at all. With so many people constantly on the go thanks to our busy, often chaotic lifestyles, it’s no big surprise. The typical American worker, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gets just 10 to 14 days of paid vacation a year. Those who work in European Union countries have a mandatory minimum of 20 days paid vacation, though some nations provide even more than that.

If you hope to use your limited time off wisely, traveling to a spiritual retreat may be idea – here are just five reasons why.

You’ll Gain New Insight and Perspective

Spiritual retreats provide the opportunity to put distance between yourself and any current situation or problem you’re facing. It helps you to think more clearly, providing new insight and bringing things into perspective. To make positive changes, sometimes you need to take a break from everything you’ve been doing day after day, forget about your current beliefs and past experiences, and look at everything anew.

You’ll Get a Kick Start for Improving Your Health

This type of retreat can be a great way to improve your health, depending on the particular destination, of course. For example, Eden Health Retreat offers a spiritual retreat in Queensland, Australia that features healthy, organic meals, set among magnificent surroundings that promote a more relaxed, stress-reducing experience. It also offers a variety of fitness, adventure and wellness activities to refresh and renew, enhancing physical, mental and emotional health.

You’ll Be Immersed in Nature

One of the highlights of any retreat is that the venue is typically surrounded by gorgeous scenery, from postcard-perfect beaches to lush jungle and soaring mountains. Reconnecting with nature has been shown in numerous studies to reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol, offering many health benefits. Plus, being in the Great Outdoors is more conducive to unwinding and totally rejuvenating so that you can return home and enjoy a fresh start.

You’ll Feel More Confident

Whether you go on your own, with a travel partner or group, a spiritual retreat offers the chance to try new things. By experiencing something new and different, it helps to build confidence. You may be able to use that renewed confidence at home to boost your career, discover motivation for learning a foreign language, sport or hobby, or even find new love.

You’ll Meet Like-Minded People

A spiritual retreat brings the opportunity to meet like-minded people and perhaps even make a new friend or too. That’s because other guests who are there with you are likely to have similar goals, hopes and ideas for changing their lives for the better. It makes it far easier to connect, and you may even get, and give, some life-changing advice.

I have been to several in the past few years and as a mother of many children with a full time job, I can tell you this. I come home a new refreshed Mommy each time I do. It is something you cannot describe until you do it. You feel it inside, in every pour, every muscle, deep in your heart. It is healing!

As usual, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any tips, tricks or advice, please leave it in the comment section below.

xoxo Haley

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