Menopause Made Me Stronger!

I am and have always been a strong woman, but going through menopause was almost as serious as giving birth, only the opposite of bringing life into the world and more of knowing that you cannot ever do that again. Saying this, it is not something that drove me into a pit I couldn't climb out of, instead Menopause made me stronger than I ever was before!

When Women think about menopause we tend to think about the loads of unwelcome symptoms, like the hot flashes, vaginal dryness, crazy mood swings, the balding and thinning hair and the sleepless nights. The list is for uncomfortable symptoms is long and sad. But menopause doesn't have to be all bad; for example, not all physical changes caused by reduced female hormone levels are bad. Many emotional and social changes can actually be the opposite of what you thought, it can be more of what your lacking.

Menopause is finally the end of your menstrual cycle, which for me is a cause for celebration in itself. I no longer had to mess with tampons, no more washing out my underwear or worrying about my sheets and the best part, no more cramping! For me, it was bad too, I had a few years where my periods were so irregular and the bleeding was super heavy. At least menopause put an end to the guessing game of when my period was going to start and stop. It was most embarrassing as it seemed that most of the time I was in public when this happened too.

But, Now, All I can say is, I can finally wear white again! White Sheets, White comforter, Yes everything is now fluffy white! And boy do I love every bit of it! My kids are annoyed as they are not allowed in my bedroom, but I don't care! I am in love with white, LOL

Most women have it, but most deny it and yes that is PMS. A week or so before your period, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can cause a ton of physical and emotional symptoms, ranging from dry itchy vaginal areas, tender breasts to food cravings to headaches and irritability. PMS is more common than it is uncommon. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, at least 85 percent of all menstruating women experience one or more PMS symptoms each month. Right before Menopause, PMS can worsen as estrogen levels rise and fall. All the better, then, to have PMS disappear when it finally starts into menopause.

"Perimenopause involves a number of years of a very rough hormonal ride, so there's no question, particularly for women who have had mood changes around these hormonal fluxes, that menopause can be an 'Ahhhh!' kind of time," says Dr. Stuenkel.

Menopausal Women can enjoy sex without having to think about an unwanted pregnancy.

"Among American women of different ethnic groups, sex without thinking about pregnancy was frequently cited as one of the benefits of menopause," says Nanette Santoro, MD, professor and director of Reproductive Endocrinology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. As he states; Some women even find that, because they no longer have to worry about the unanticipated outcome of sex, they can actually enjoy it more once they reach menopause.

The worst of these for me was the dryness, it was so unbearable at one point I actually had to do some research to find relief. Because of this I ran into many positive things that can be done while on your way to or during Menopause. FemmePharma was and still is a lifesaver for me in this area. Best of all, it is all products for women and by women. To find out more about them, click on the link above and enter the code HANGINWITHHALEY to get 15% off of your first order.

For me it was being 40 and finally feeling I can do whatever I want, I love being outdoors and I love being with my family. So this finally made me take a look at my health and getting healthier, it made me get out and do a lot more things.

Like me, It's not uncommon for women to report feeling exactly like this, kinda empowered at what they can accomplish. This is partly because of the changes that take place biologically inside us and partly because of the point in life at which menopause happens.

"Women are often relieved not to have monthly periods with the accompanying risk of pregnancy, mood swings, and other PMS symptoms," says Dr. Richardson. "At the same time, your children are growing older and you are freed to pursue your professional and personal ambitions."

After 40 years of life memories, including the ups and downs of relationships, parenting, and careers, women are more likely to go after what they want with a great sense of knowing that they can handle whatever comes their way.

My only tip (since it was my only real issue) is with FemmePharma, for me they were and are a life saver. It may be the same for you, make sure to check them out by clicking HERE!!! and don't forget to use the code HANGINWITHHALEY to get 15% off of your first order.

Please tell me your experiences in the comment section below.

xoxo Haley Fox

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