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Welcome everyone to The Neon Museum! One of Las Vegas’s hidden treasure. Living in Las Vegas is the most wonderful place on earth to live. It is filled with amazing attractions, fun things to do and lights that go on forever. You could visit Las Vegas hundreds of times and still find something new and different to do. It will probably take the average person over 3 months to see and do everything Las Vegas has to offer and I still doubt that they will see EVERYTHING. One of the best things about Las Vegas is that it’s always changing. So whatever was cool and new to see 5 years ago, has completely changed. However, if you’re looking for something different and full of history, than you need to check out the Neon Museum.

Everyone things that most attractions here in Las Vegas are on the strip, but have you ever wondered off the strip? The things you can do outside of the main street are endless. A few blocks away from the fabulous Fremont Street in downtown Vegas, hides one of Las Vegas’s greatest hidden gems called The Neon Museum!

Most people haven’t even heard of the Neon Museum, but it’s probably one of the coolest places I have ever seen in my life!

Growing up I was obsessed with photography, I still collect photos from magazines and turn them into huge collages and some I save just because they are too freakin' cool. This all started when I was 12 and I got my first camera for my Birthday. At the age of 16, I graduated high school and headed off to Las Vegas to attend UNLV and start my career as an interior designer. I started modeling and photography on the side and tried to tell a story with every photo I captured. Once I moved back to Las Vegas a few years ago, I stumbled upon an amazing photoshoot, while doing so local research. The shoot was done at something that looked like a junk yard of old billboards and Casino signs. I then jumped onto google and typed in everything from broken signs to dead signs until I found this hidden gem. I instantly knew this is a photographers day dream and it would be amazing to shoot at a place like that. It took me a few years to settle in and start all my local collaborations, but I finally am living my dream of shooting in one of the most unique places on earth!

The Neon Museum is also known as the Neon Boneyard, it is where the Las Vegas signs go when they die. As I said, Las Vegas is always changing, new hotels are being built all the time and in order to make new hotels, you have to either shutdown old ones or find space for new ones. Where do you put all this stuff, when you close down a Casino though? The Neon Museum is where, they have collected all the old signs from historical hotels, motels, restaurants and stores and created an amazing wonderland of neon signs in this graveyard / boneyard Wonderland.

In the past, this was not open to the public, it was just a junkyard! But, In 2012 the Neon Museum opened its doors to the public, showcasing it's more than 150 signs, sculptures and metal works of art. 7 of these pieces have been restored and are turned on during the night tour, in nearly two-acre of beautiful lite up paradise.

The Neon Museum has been featured in many magazines including Vogue and has been featured in many movies like Mars Attacks.

So what is so cool about The Neon Museum? 

Well it’s like taking a walk down Las Vegas memory lane. Las Vegas has one of the most vibrant and rich city histories, full of mafia tails and scandals. Many of the original Las Vegas hotels signs are stored here, like the original Golden Nugget, Stardust hotel, the Riviera, Moulin Rouge and so much more. One of the coolest things here is the skull of the original Treasure Island hotel before it was renovated and renamed T.I., the skull is Gigantic! and can easily be a creepy seen via google maps, smiling right at you!

Other things you can expect to find in the gallery includes The Bow & Arrow Motel, The Silver Slipper, the Lucky Cuss Motel, Society Cleaners, Binion’s Horseshoe, the Normandie Motel, the Landmark and 5th Street Liquors and the Hacienda horse and rider. You will also get to hear some pretty amazing and horrifying mafia stories about many of these places on the tour.

Important tips and info:

The Neon Museum has some very strict rules.

*The tour itself is a guided one-hour tour, in which you can take photos, but you cannot wonder off by yourself, you have to stick with the tour. They are very strict about this rule! The photos can only be used for personal use only. Still photography for any additional artistic or commercial use is strictly prohibited on tours. If it appears that a photo shoot is being staged, you will be asked to stop and possibly asked to leave. If you wish to take professional photos and want to do a photoshoot there, you have to schedule it in advance and check to see if they have availability. They are also strict on what kind of camera you can using, so again, call or email them in advance to find out or click on the link above.

Another huge tip, that can possibly save your life is - It gets SUPER hot here in Las Vegas from the Middle of May to the Middle of September, so be prepared, bring 2 or 3 water bottles with you and make sure to wear a hat.

The Neon Museum is Located at:

770 Las Vegas Boulevard North Las Vegas, NV 89101

So what are you waiting for? Check out the beautiful Neon Museum on your next visit to Las Vegas! xoxo Haley Fox

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