Las Vegas has the Worst Drivers EVER!

I know I only moved back two years ago, but this is my home town. I basically moved here as a young adult, thrived and planted roots. I had to move away for family business for a brief while but this is home and I love living here. The drivers here scares me though, they are a melting pot from all over the world and everyone seems to have their own style.

When I first moved here for College at UNLV, I wasn't here two years when I was involved in the worst accident of my life. The city was redoing all of the street lights to an automated system, this particular day lights were malfunctioning across town. So as I was coming back from the driving range (waking a few balls) I came to a green light on Harmon Avenue and proceeded through at a safe speed. However the light at the Aladin was also green so a lady with 3 children in the back, no drivers license and no insurance slammed into my BMW Z4 at full speed, crushing it like a tuna can. I had nerve damage for years after this and it completely ruined my trip to London that was three months later.

So when my friend called and told me about her accident, it brought this all up for me. When she said she was thinking about suing, I was wondering why I never did. What the hell was I thinking. So of course, I am now on a quest to help her out, I talked to her last night and she feels fine, but she is sore and stiff. See My injuries didn't even start to surface for a full week, so I had to make sure she understood, that her body is in shock and she needs to give it some time. She also need council. Living in Las Vegas and doing what I do for a living, I know a lot of Attorneys But most of who I work with a re Entertainment and Contract Lawyers. So when it comes to injury law I was unsure of where to turn. I sat at my computer the entire night looking up Las Vegas Injury Attorneys and I have to say, after hours of research that the most interesting article I came across was from the Most Reputable on in town.

Farhan Naqvi has made a superior name for himself all across Nevada, the articles came one after another, I was shocked with all the competition in the area. One of the most interesting ones was titled.

"15 Secrets to Settling your Car Accident Injury Claim" The reason I was drawn to this article is the language, it was done in a way that even my son, who was standing over my shoulder, could understand. I hate when attorneys come at you with legal mumbo jumbo and us sitting there like a deer in headlights. But this was like he was talking to anyone.

I know, I know, so what are the secrets, LOL

Well you can click the link above for the original article, but here it is for you again.

15 Secrets to Settling Your Car Accident Injury Claim

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that working with the insurance company and trying to get a fair settlement for your injuries and other damages is no easy task. Insurance adjusters want to settle your case for as little as possible.

But there are ways to obtain a fair settlement. That’s why we created this useful guide, “15 Secrets to Settling your Car Accident Injury Claim.” This 16-part series will cover 15 secrets to getting a favorable claim after a car accident.

Here’s a look at the 15 secrets we will be discussing:

1: Conduct a complete investigation. Don’t leave the accident scene empty-handed. Get contact information from witnesses. If a police officer came to the crash scene, get a copy of the police report.

2: Get photographs of all important elements in your case. Everyone has smartphones nowadays. Use yours to take photos of the accident scene, as well as the damage and your injuries.

3: Don’t release your medical records to the other party’s insurance company. If you do this, the other party now has access to your medical records and can use this against you. Don’t make this mistake.

4: Get the insurance company to set up a high reserve account. If the reserve is too small, there will be a lot of pressure on you to settle your claim for far less than it’s worth.

5: Keep the adjuster informed about the seriousness of your injuries. If your injuries worsen, let the insurance company know so they can increase the reserve account.

6: Don’t let the insurance adjuster pressure you into settling your case. It may be tempting, but don’t give in. Hold out for as long as possible.

7: Keep a day-by-day diary of your injuries. The judge will want to know how long you have been suffering from your injuries, and a diary can help in this regard.

8: Know all your damages. Do some research and make sure you are well aware of all the damages you have suffered.

9: Keep all bills and receipts related to your accident. You’ll need proof of your damages, so hang on to all your receipts and bills.

10: Know all your injuries. Sometimes injuries don’t appear for weeks following an accident. Seek medical treatment right away.

11: Know your sources for insurance coverage. You may be able to collect from more than one insurance policy.

12: Stay under your doctor’s care until your doctor releases you. If you stop going to the doctor, this can negatively impact your case.

13: File your lawsuit right away. This will put pressure on the insurance company.

14: Ask a qualified trial lawyer to evaluate your case. Many will assess your case for no cost.

15: If you decide to hire a lawyer, choose a trial attorney who isn’t afraid to go to court. An attorney who will fight for your case can get you more money.

What I found most interesting about this article is the fact that I kept coming back to it for what to do. That it didn't even once sell his services, it was as if he was just informing people, which to me is true information marketing. Be Knowledgeable, offer stuff for free, show them what you can do and let them decide the rest. True Genius!

So this morning, right before I stared this article, I called my friend and told her all about Noah and my adventure looking for her attorney last night and she was even more sore today, go figure. But she took down his name and number and is calling them today. She better, I regret doing this and I cannot let one of my dearest friends live with regrets. Plus from all my research Naqvi Law Firm is the top of the top and I will not give her or any of you anything but the Best. So if you, any of my dear friends are in an accident or know someone that was, pass this along.

Just for you! More References!

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Please leave any comments below, I always loving hearing your stories as well.

xoxo Haley Fox

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