Las Vegas Farmers Markets

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I was longing for the fresh from the farm produce I was used to back in New Orleans. I kept asking all my friends if they knew where I could find fresh produce and I would get answers like Trader Joe's, Sprouts or even whole foods. I was blown away that they didn't have any farmer's markets here. No matter who I asked, noone knew of any. So I just had to find out where these gems might be hiding out, and I found them all!

Saying this, it was not as easy as googling it, they were not found on page one or even page two of any search engine. Living here a long time now though, I have become very good friends with several chefs and I knew they would know all the places to get this yummy farm fresh goodness. So I am going to give to you this Las Vegas tool in order of how much Love them.

Tivoli Village Farmers Market

is hidden in Summerlin in one of the best outdoor shopping malls around. They have everything from raw beer to homemade jerky and they love to give out samples. They are only open on Sundays from 9am -2pm and they usually have entertainment and live music. You can check out all Tivoli Village has to Offer Here.

Tivoli is located at: 440 S Rampart, Las Vegas, NV and don't forget it is outside, so bring plenty of water with you, Vegas heat can be brutal.

Galleria at Sunset Farmers Market

is located inside the Galleria Mall, so there is no heat wave trying to destroy your fun. This beautiful mall has so much to offer so you could spend the whole day there and still not see it all. But the best day to go is when the Farmers market is in full bloom. The times for this one is every Friday from 2pm-7pm which is unique for this kind event and a great friday night out for you and the family. They have fresh fruits, crafting and even fruit infused water for you to try. The vendors are so friendly and love to tell you all about what they love. You can find out more information about this amazing Farmers Market Galleria at Sunset by clicking here.

Downtown 3rd Farmers Market

I love downtown Las Vegas, I have so many friends here and the one thing they all have in common is they try to stay away from downtown. But NOT Me, I love it. Not only is it full of art and life, but the culture and entertainment alone is worth the trip. This farmers market is both indoors and outdoors, so when you feel the heat becomes unbearable, slip inside for a fresh made smoothie or an ice cream cone. They are only open on 9am-2pm but this is one of those downtown features that makes you fall in love with Las Vegas. You can find out more information about this event by clicking here.

Downtown Summerlin Farmers Market

This outdoor Farmers market is right in the heart of downtown Summerlin, it is in the section by Public School Restaurant on the lower level so is shaded and pretty cool year round. This is one of my favorites as it has some great local artist, chefs and farmers that showcase all their specialties. The best part is how friendly they are and how every one of them will give you something to walk around with. I had so much fruit water the last time I was there, I had a hard time finding the bathroom. LOL This fun event is open to the public every Saturday from 9am - 2pm and you can find all the information for the Downtown Summerlin Farmers Market Here.

Floyd Lamb Park Farmers Market

is probably my favorite of all of them. The only reason it is on the bottom of my list is because it is only open twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, but only from the spring to the fall. They are open from 10am-2pm and if you make sure to tell the gate guard that you are there for the market you will get free parking, which is normally $6. One of my favorite vendors there is Frankly Good Coffee, I don't know what he is really using in his brew, but it is amazing. One of the best features is where this is held. If you walk over to the horse stables you are sure to find wild rabbits that will eat right out of your hands and peacocks that won't hesitate to hang out with you for photo shoots. To find out more about Floyd Lamb Park Farmers Market click here.

Art District First Friday

I know this is not a typical farmers market, but I had to throw this into the list. This is located in the Las Vegas Downtown Art District and is held the first Friday of every month. They have everything from home grown produce to art, to food truck classics. The food is amazing and the even better. The live entertainment is also something that makes this place such a fun time for all ages. They have street dancing, bands, singers and sometimes you will even see a celebrity amungst this crowd.

If I am missing any Markets that are not listed here, please comment below so I can update it with the new information and include it in this post.

As usual I hope this article was enjoyable and informative. If you have any tips or tricks to include please leave them in the comment section below.

xoxo Haley Fox

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