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June Giveaway Time - Full of Goodies

All of you that follow me in Instagram know that I do large weekly, bi-weekly giveaways, depending on the season. The closer to the holidays, the more I share. Some of you are so loyal at sharing that you have won multiple times... and no this is not rigged, it is why I use a program to keep track of all the points. But, because you guys share so much, I wanted to give you another way to earn big points for this and up coming giveaways, by Joining my Blog and Making awesome comments about the content I write for you guys!

I will try hard to remember everything in this giveaway, but as most of you know, there are always goodies tucked away that I forgot to mention.

First I am Starting with a Leather Floral Shoulder Bag, that has a matching Clutch inside the inner pocket. Super adorable and very roomy.

Included will be a Rae Dunn Lavender BLOOM Candle, a FeCo Flask and a Rae Dunn Checklist Notepad

Lady Falcon Coffee - Which is my absolute Favorite for Coffee and Teas

Rae Dunn Socks

Porter House Lane Tea Towels and a Luxury Beach Towel

Rae Dunn Mini Kitchen Utensil Set

Rae Dunn Iridescent GET IT GIRL Mug, The Capital Candy Jar Patriotic Popcorn and SugarFinery Limited delicious Treats.

Licensed Beauty and the Beast Disney Necklace

Summer Popsicle Molds

Adorable Bunny Mom and Baby on Turtle Solar Garden Art, Wooden Succulent Plant and Bodywash

Smart Touch Control Automatic Coffee Maker and More!

To Enter, follow this link and do everything it allows you to do. Everything has a point value and certain things can be done daily, like tagging 3 friends can be done daily. Commenting on a Website Post can also be done daily and both of those are the largest points as they take the most effort to do.

Winner Announced Next Tuesday 6.7.2022

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