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June Giveaway Time - Full of Goodies

All of you that follow me in Instagram know that I do large weekly, bi-weekly giveaways, depending on the season. The closer to the holidays, the more I share. Some of you are so loyal at sharing that you have won multiple times... and no this is not rigged, it is why I use a program to keep track of all the points. But, because you guys share so much, I wanted to give you another way to earn big points for this and up coming giveaways, by Joining my Blog and Making awesome comments about the content I write for you guys!

I will try hard to remember everything in this giveaway, but as most of you know, there are always goodies tucked away that I forgot to mention.

First I am Starting with a Leather Floral Shoulder Bag, that has a matching Clutch inside the inner pocket. Super adorable and very roomy.

Included will be a Rae Dunn Lavender BLOOM Candle, a FeCo Flask and a Rae Dunn Checklist Notepad

Lady Falcon Coffee - Which is my absolute Favorite for Coffee and Teas

Rae Dunn Socks

Porter House Lane Tea Towels and a Luxury Beach Towel

Rae Dunn Mini Kitchen Utensil Set

Rae Dunn Iridescent GET IT GIRL Mug, The Capital Candy Jar Patriotic Popcorn and SugarFinery Limited delicious Treats.