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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Everyone is different, but situations can be scary now. As the Mother of several Children and an Elderly Mother with Alzheimers, keeping them safe is the only thing I think of. Noah is wild and loves to run around, Izzy is Calm but can walk all over the place, getting lost sometimes and my Mom, well that is a story all by itself. But with Jiobit, I now feel very safe when they leave the house, or when I come home and find they are not here.

As a parent, it is very hard to let your children go, safety is always a huge concern, especially when you live in the city. Recently on a hot morning, in a mostly deserted park, I decided to try something new. When Noah wanted to walk our new puppy by himself, I decided to allow him to do this and resisted urge to follow him. Instead, I opened the Jiobit app and turned on Live Mode. I watched as the little dot got further away from me, walked in circles around a fountain, then without thinking headed back home. A little perturbed, but yet oddly OK with it, I knew he was safe.

I am not the kind of Mom that cares what others think, so I feel great about knowing where they are, they are my life and knowing they are safe makes me a lot happier. So, Yes I am ok with tracking my kids. But since Jiobit launched back in 2015, people have noticed that they are handy for many other reasons besides trying to keep your kids from being kidnapped (as I say to the kids all the freaking time, LOL). For me, as the daughter of an elderly Mother with Alzheimer, I can keep track of her, even if she can't and the coolest part... Jiobit offers your dementia patients for nursing homes or caretakers. They also have the capability to let you keep track of your pets.

Finding a way to attach it to my kid was a little bit more of a challenge. Looping it through Izzy's scrunchie worked like a charm, but I found flex ring was the easiest way to attach it to Noah's pants. (They also have adorable silicone sleeves so they can coordinate with your fashionista kids LOL.) Whatever you choose, you want to be able easily remove it for charging and switching it from outfit to outfit.

Testing this out now for a few weeks, I found that it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to charge it fully and that putting it on GPS drains the battery faster than putting it on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is also waterproof, for any of you pet owners whos dogs love to jump in the pool, like mine.

All About the App!

The Jiobit app is so easy to set up and start using, that even Noah figured it out in 2 minutes. It is also, by far, the easiest to use of trackers I've ever reviewed. The Parent menu is amazing, you can add members to the care team and you can change from satellite view to map view in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to add places that you trust for your kids to go and places you don't, so it can alert you if they are there! Now that is AMAZING! One of the best features is the geo-fencing. I can put in 200 feet from our Condo and if they go outside of that range I will be alerted, OMG is that not brilliant?

You can swipe from left to right to switch your view from one Jiobit to another (Izzy to Noah) You can can even check to see where it is exactly so you know it is in a trusted place or not, even if it is in the hands of someone of your care team. One of the best features is every time a Jiobit leaves or arrives at a trusted place, the app will pings you to let you know where it is.

To wrap this up, I found the Jiobit would locate my child, Pet and Mother with perfect accuracy. I pulled up Live Mode tons of times, while walking with the kids, in the mall and even in casinos exploring the exhibits and I found that it could pinpoint exactly where everyone was. Watching the tiny dots move around was actually pretty exciting.


xoxo Haley Fox

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