Noah was so excited when I told him he would be attending a Tech Camp for MineCraft, since it has been one of his favorite since a young child. I was a little skeptical at first, as online classes can be cheesy at best, compared to the real thing. However, Noah not only ran to his computer each day, he was excited to tell me what he learned at the end of it.

If your child loves to game, build, create or code, then your going to love all the different ways your child can learn from iDTech Camp!

Noah choose the MineCraft coding for ages 12-15, but there are countless types of classes to take, such as building your own laptop, robotics, even other games that are popular and fun. They have different levels and age groups as well, so that the learning is in their exact ranges for learning.

Since Noah was actually the one to attend, I was able to get first-hand information from him about the camp and what he loved about it. When I told him that I needed to interview him, it was the cutest thing, he was so excited and proud of himself. He just couldn't wait to tell me everything he made and learned, showing off every bit of it along the way.

Since he was so excited to tell me about all he learned he made me want to see what else he would love to do for the next course. It is just so good to not only have something for him to do, but something he loves and adores doing. Seeing his face light up, was enough for me to love every bit of this.

You have to go check out all they have to offer, it is something you will enjoy seeing your child attend. He/She will have something they can build on, explore and see if this is something they truly want to do with their lives. You can also see, that what you are paying is not being wasted!

Check them out HERE and use code HALEY125 for $125 off any Virtual Tech Camp

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